Historic Franco-German Webcast from Berlin
July 1, 2010 • 8:56AM

The leaders of the LaRouche movements in Germany, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and in France, Jacques Cheminade, held their first joint international webcast in the German capital, this afternoon, at the Aquino Hotel. Introduced by Karsten Werner of the German LYM, Helga and Jacques keynoted the audience——both presented as past and present candidates for German Chancellor and for French President.

Helga began by stressing the historic character of this June 30, not only because the election for Federal President of Germany was taking place in Berlin at the same time, but especially because developments of the past few days and hours showed clearly how Lyndon LaRouche was on the mark with his assessment at his own June 26 webcast, namely, that the late June/early July period would see the crisis coming to a peak, that it is urgent that the total disintegration process that was already raging in the trans-Atlantic region was stopped before it fully contaminated also Asia and the rest of the world, and that a new system based on new principles was built up right now. As Helga herself said in her last public statement, the failure of the G-20 summit could have been expected, but there was at least that one positive step made by Germany after the summit in the direction of a Glass-Steagall legislation——-the exact fine print of which still had to be studied, though.

The crisis in Europe is at a peak, with total uncertainty whether or how much of that 442-billion-euro loan that the ECB granted to banks a year ago, would be paid back last night, when that 1-year loan expires; also the BIS in its latest annual report actually states that the end of the monetarist system is here. The exposure of the European banks shows that Greece is a minor problem, compared to what the Spanish real estate bubble represents, and the total exposure of the EU banks is almost to the single euro what that super bail-out facility of the EU of 750 billion euros offers. Europe has no money at all, nor will it get any from the USA or the IMF, both being bankrupt as well — like the entire system.

When up to 2 million Americans will be cut off from any unemployment pay during July, when the Royal Bank of Scotland already warns its own clients that the US Fed will turn the big money-printing on, —doubling the bail-out fund from$ 2.4 to$ 5 trillion, it is a sign of collapse known only too well for the Germans, because it resembles the hyperinflation of 1923 with all its destructive powers. That is also the importance of that question sent in to Lyn's webcast from a senatorial office, Helga stressed. The broad US population is getting more and more enraged at Obama, also because of his failure in the BP oil drilling catastrophe, and LaRouche's insisting that Obama quit the White House on the spot, corresponds to what the population thinks.

In Europe, there have been threats by the EU Commission, as reported by labor leader John Monks from a meeting with Commission President Barroso, that either the Europeans accept brutal austerity, or democracy would be abolished. The only response to that can be to revitalize the spirit of 1989, of the people recognizing that "we are the people," and only such a new mass movement that forces a change of policy, can prevent the world from falling into the total collapse of civilization, with hundreds of millions of jobless and billions of people dying —— especially, but not only, in the developing sector nations.

What must be done is a banking holiday, during which the relevant banking aspects that serve the common good and the real economy are sorted out for state protection, whereas the speculative aspects are forced to be exposed, when the banks have to open their books. This has to proceed together with the establishment of a global system of fixed exchange rates, but it can only be done by the four powers, as genuinely sovereign nations that can move against the Empire. Some countries like France, Germany, Italy will and can join individually, but not under the umbrella of the EU, that will never work —because the EU is a kind of empire itself. We need long-term productive credit for the physical economy, and the monetary economy that has dominated, has to go, Helga said. Video clips from relevant recent speeches of the leaders of China, Russia, India were shown then at the webcast.

Cheminade's speech emphasized his program for France, to be fought for now, long before the April 2012 elections, with stress on Glass-Steagall, getting rid of the Empire, and updating DeGaulle's "Europe From the Atlantic to the Urals" concept with "Eurasia from the Atlantic to the China Sea." This would then go beyond that, with the finalizing of the Bering Strait tunnel.

The question period was marked by serious queries from several German institutions, including the office of a parliamentarian, the leader of a police union, and a representative of an association of pensioners.