Pro-PLHINO Movement in Sonora, Mexico Blasts WWF
July 31, 2010 • 10:11AM

As Americans rally around Lyndon LaRouche's call for the immediate implementation of NAWAPA, against the genocidal British policy demanded by their agencies such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), allied forces in Mexico have escalated their attack on the WWF and in favor of both NAWAPA and the related PLHINO great water project for northwest Mexico.

A July 29 statement issued by the Citizens' Movement for Water, denounces the July 28 decision by the official CONAGUA (National Water Commission), which is headed by the fanatical environmentalist and WWF errand boy Jose Luis Luege Tamargo, to authorize the construction of an aqueduct to channel water from the Novillo dam to the city of Hermosillo—which would destroy agriculture in the south of the state—as a strategy of "financial powers which would convert Sonora into a guinea pig of their water privatization policies and destroy national food producing capabilities."

The statement attacks the plan to hand over water resources to private interests such as Carlos Slim—the WWF-allied richest man in the world— which represent "supra-national foreign interest enclaves, which, disguised as defenders of the ecology, intend to seize control of the nation's strategic and natural resources. This is demonstrated in the 100 million dollar agreement signed on June 5, 2009 among the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Carlos Slim, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an international organization which is directly controlled by British financial interests."

The statement counterposes to this British looting, "the constitutional principle that water belongs to the nation, which may grant concessions for the benefit of the entire population and the development of the national economy." The Citizens' Movement for Water has called for "Sonora to keep conquering the desert...with the fight for desalination of sea water and great infrastructure projects...such as the PLHINO."

LaRouche organizers across Mexico have long emphasized the urgency of implementing the U.S-Mexico-Canada NAWAPA project, to which the PLHINO is complementary. The Citizen's Movement for Water is an umbrella group led by LaRouche's associates in the area, which over the last couple of months has organized public rallies in support of the PLHINO and desalination, which have drawn upwards of 30,000 participants.