February 18th 2014 • 9:46PM

On February 12, 2014 scientists published the official results from a recent fusion breakthrough at the U.S. National Ignition facility. LaRouche PAC Science Team member Creighton Jones discusses what happened at the National Ignition Facility, and what its implications are for us today.

November 1st 2013 • 8:00PM

The seventh and final question from the November 1st webcast.

A conference on trans-Pacific development organized by your associates is about to commence in Los Angeles. How would you address the recent trans-Pacific initiatives for a New Silk Road, nuclear power development, and fusion research, as part of our continuing organizing for this perspective?

October 4th 2013 • 8:00PM

The fifth question from the October 4th webcast.

Would you agree that an Apollo-style program, as proposed by the American Security Project, for fusion power is the right approach?

November 3rd 2013 • 1:08AM

Second in the Nuclear NAWAPA: Gateway to the Fusion Economy video series.

September 23rd 2013 • 12:20AM

Following upon the release of "Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy," here we explore a case study featured in that report more in depth: the proposal to build a Kra Canal across Thailand, a good candidate for construction using peaceful nuclear explosions. This is a real "Asia Pivot," typifying the concept of peace through development, contrary to the Obama Administration policy in the region.

Saturday Night Report
August 21st 2010 • 8:04PM

The best place for a solar panel is...

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