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  • Disclaimer: The data in the map is provided on an "as is'' basis. For accurate details respecting the NAWAPA project proposed by the Ralph M. Parsons, Co., please consult the original documentation.

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August 21, 2010 • 12:30 PM

Note: detailed tours may be found here.

The LaRouchePAC Basement team has completed the first ever interactive, 3-D animated map of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) system for continental water management, representing a new phase in LaRouchePAC's nationwide mobilization to commence the post-Obama era with a groundbreaking on the project beginning as early as this October. Using the original Parsons Company specifications for NAWAPA as a guide, the team used the Google Earth platform to mark out the sites for dams, reservoirs, power stations, pump lifts, tunnels and canals throughout the entire system, allowing viewers of the LaRouchePAC website to explore in graphic detail how NAWAPA will completely transform the face of North America.

By thoroughly re-sculpting the physical terrain and hydrological cycles of the continent, NAWAPA will signal a profound shift in the popular conception of basic economic infrastructure, to its proper meaning as nothing less than the human species' management of the biosphere. The adoption of NAWAPA also means the salvation of the collapsed U.S. physical economy, through the immediate employment of approximately 3 million people, including a very large portion of engineers, scientists, technicians, and machinists, whose vital skills represent the core capability for securing a recovery for the country.

Future additions to the interactive NAWAPA map will include estimates for labor and materials requirements for every element of the project, as well as complementary features of needed infrastructure, such as high-speed and magnetically-levitated rail lines, nuclear power plants, and new cities. Input from experts knowledgeable in these and other relevant fields of study will be incorporated into the ongoing refinement of the map. The picture thus assembled, will define the parameters for a functioning physical economy, operating under a credit system reformed by a Glass-Steagall standard for regulated banking.

This visual representation of the NAWAPA concept is only a preliminary reference point for grasping the deeper implications of such a science-driver project, which will serve as the keystone for parallel projects in other parts of the world, as well as a revival of large-scale manned space exploration of the Moon and Mars. Combined with Lyndon LaRouche's latest writings on a true science of physical economy, as well as supplementary video material on the LaRouchePAC website, the NAWAPA map is a challenge to the American population to imagine what kind of future is possible, if we can rise above the cultural pessimism of recent decades, in order to make NAWAPA a reality—beginning with the removal of President Obama from office.

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