Prince Charles Is "Strange" and the Old Duke Is "Insensitive and Prejudiced"
September 1, 2010 • 9:48AM

New Zealand's former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen of the Labour Party is to make a speech this week before the Institute of Policy Studies calling for New Zealand to become a republic after Queen Elizabeth dies. New Zealand's Herald on Sunday seemed to have a copy of his notes for the speech, which refers to Prince Charles as "strange" and his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, as "insensitive and prejudiced."

Cullen's purported notes say that Charles and his father "evince some strange characteristics... But talking to plants and extremely conservative views on architecture are scarcely confined to Prince Charles. As for the old Duke, his insensitivity and prejudices would in our nation make him highly suitable material for a breakfast television or talkback radio host," a reference to a popular New Zealand talk show host, who is famous for his bloopers.

The remarks are a change for Cullen, who had considered himself the "token monarchist" in the Labour Party. Now he also wants to take the Union Jack off the national flag, and replace it with a Maori-inspired Tino Rangatiranga flag.