Kesha Rogers: "Democrats Are Doomed Without Glass-Steagall"
September 11, 2010 • 8:53AM

Kesha Rogers, the Democratic candidate for Congress from the 22nd District in Texas, issued the following statement on the immediate requirements facing Democrats who wish to save their party, and their nation.

Rogers wrote:

"The only chance the Democratic Party has, to survive the rage of the population this November, depends on immediately breaking with Obama, and forcefully campaigning to reinstate FDR's 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, as I have done. If the Democratic Party continues to bail out trillions of dollars of worthless Wall Street gambling debts, while allowing society to crumble, as is Obama's policy, it will face a humiliating, and massive defeat. As I have repeatedly stated, there is no solution to the ongoing hyperinflationary collapse, under the current policy of bailout, and austerity. The only chance our nation has for survival, is to immediately cancel all bailouts, reinstate Glass-Steagall in full, and launch a 25-50 year physical infrastructure development of the entire continent, as with the NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance), and full funding for NASA's manned space missions.

"This is no mere election stunt. The population's support for Glass-Steagall, is as great as their disapproval of Obama, around 80%. Our nation depends on putting through the Franklin Roosevelt solution to Obama's financial disintegration. The Democratic Party must again become the party of the people, of Franklin Roosevelt, and once and for all abandon the treasonous Wall Street tradition, or the party, and our nation, will disintegrate, as is already under way.

"Every day Obama remains in office, he displays additional signs of neurotic insanity. Democrats must break with Obama now, and campaign for Glass-Steagall over the next two months. Doing so will force Obama to come out in opposition, driving his already narcissistic psychosis into a complete break down, and push him toward resignation.

"However, Glass-Steagall alone will not save the country. Saving our commercial banks means putting them to work, unleashing the productive power of 5-6 million highly skilled industrial and engineering jobs, as with NAWAPA and NASA, immediately. But these visionary projects could not happen without Glass-Steagall, to protect the funding from the speculation and usury of Wall Street."