November 22nd 2010 • 9:12AM

Harley Schlanger gave a very powerful presentation to an audience in France, communicating to them the nature of tragedy: in classical culture, and as it is unfolding in the United States under Obama.

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November 1st 2010 • 12:05PM

Lyndon LaRouche made this statement on October 30th stating what is at stake for the United States in the coming days before the mid-term election, and the needed policies to launch a national economic recovery.

November 6th 2010 • 1:00PM
November 3rd 2010 • 8:01PM

Kesha Rogers, former congressional candidate for Texas' 22nd District, gives us our political marching orders, as she continues the fight to remove Obama, re-implement Glass-Steagall, and pioneer man's extra-terrestrial imperative.

October 31st 2010 • 2:13AM

Interview with Charles Luckson, representative of COREJENE regional youth coalition in the East and North department.

Saturday Evening Report
September 18th 2010 • 7:15PM

Don't be a schmuck - build NAWAPA!

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