Citizens: Demand Glass-Steagall!
September 27, 2010 • 11:46AM

The following statement was issued by former Democratic Candidate, Rachel Brown, in Massachusetts' 4th congressional district.

As my campaign continually emphasized, the urgent reinstatement of Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall banking policy is the essential first step to stopping the economic meltdown. Glass-Steagall is based on the Preamble of the Constitution, which emphasizes the general welfare of the citizens, not the welfare of Britain-based financiers, and will allow us to cancel out the still existing mountain of worthless derivative debt, while freeing us to extend credit for long-term development projects, like NAWAPA. Therefore, I support economist Lyndon LaRouche's call for Congress to stay in session and not to recess, until one of the three Glass-Steagall bills sitting in Congress is voted up. These bills are ready to go through immediately, and if done, will allow us to take the next step, creating millions of jobs by extending credit for science-driver infrastructure projects, to raise the platform of our economy.

If Congress doesn't pass Glass-Steagall in the coming days, they might as well not go home, because they'll get lynched by their constituents for doing nothing to alleviate their suffering. They must act like patriots and leaders, to deserve reelection.

--Rachel Brown