Calls To Repeal Obamacare and Impeach Obama
October 4, 2010 • 9:15AM

Yesterday's edition of the Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA) published an editorial call for the Congress to repeal Obamacare as its first order of business. After blasting the Obama lies that the new health reforms would curb insurance company rate gouging, the editorial noted that even the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are admitting that the bill will actually add hundreds of billions of dollars in added debt. The editorial also slammed the Obama lies about protecting existing coverage and doctors for people already insured. The Health and Human Services Department now admits that 67 percent of individual policies and 80 percent of small business policies will be forced to change.

The editorial concluded: "We don't need another six months of Obamacare. Congress' first order of business should be to repeal it."

The same day, Florida Today published a letter to the editor demanding Obama's impeachment for the shutdown of NASA. The author of the letter, John Gaynor, noted that 1,000 NASA workers had been laid off on Friday, with 3,000 more NASA employees about to be dumped. Brevard County, he warned, "will become a ghost town," concluding: "I know you cannot impeach a president for stupidity. If we could, Obama would be on his way back to Chicago. As far as I'm concerned, I would impeach Obama for being a traitor. During his campaign for the presidency, Obama said we need change. Is sending our country down the tubes his idea of change?"

These are typical of hundreds of such editorials and letters, appearing all over the country, at increasing frequency.