Throw This Sick Psycho Out Of Office While We Still Have A Nation To Defend!
October 14, 2010 • 5:31PM

It seems as if every moment of the passing day brings a new, added proof that the time is way past overdue for launching an acutely ill President Barack Obama out of office. It is to be doubted that we can wait as long as the post election moments of November 3rd or 4th, and still expect the very existence of our republic to remain intact.

At each turn, this sick-minded President perpetrates fresh evidence that his own plausible plea for avoiding a charge of virtual treason, is that the poor fellow's mental illness has overwhelmed him. Otherwise, all the evidence to date tends to identify him as a treasonous agent of the British empire bent on delivering the death of our United States to the damnable incumbent British monarchy - - or, call it "The Brutish Monarchy."

The debate is not really necessary. Throw him out, and be done with it; the principle and relevant evidence on behalf of the 25th Amendment will be sufficient. Just do it quickly, preferably before November 2nd.