The "Ramsar List," the World Wildlife Fund's Secret Weapon against Transaqua
October 20, 2010 • 10:52AM

In 1948, the evil eugenicist Sir Julian Huxley, at that time the head of UNESCO, set up in Fontainebleau, France, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the "mother" organization for most of post-war environmentalism. After initial financial difficulties, the Ford Foundation, a notorious conduit for clandestine oligarchic operations, funded IUCN to create a permanent secretariat in Gland, Switzerland. Looking to build a broad base for its financing, Huxley envisaged the creation of a supplementary funding facility, the World Wildlife Fund, created in 1961 with the backing of the former Nazi SS member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the Malthusian fanatic Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. The WWF's headquarters were also to be in Gland. By playing on the image of the giant panda, various media hypes around environmental issues became the Trojan Horse of the oligarchy to oppose population growth, which they considered a cancer, especially in the nations of the South.

One of the tricks used by the WWF was the defense of bird life. Where do they reproduce if not in the vast mosaic of wetlands spread around the globe? Exploiting this angle, Huxley and his WWF gang organized a conference in Iran, in the coastal city of Ramsar on the Caspian Sea. Delegates from 18 nations signed the "Convention on Wetlands of International Importance," specifying that each country must designate on its own territory certain sites to be included in the "Ramsar List," now managed by a special secretariat run out of the offices of the IUCN in Gland. In 1999, a "strategic framework" is designed in order "To develop and maintain an international network of wetlands which are important for the conservation of global biological diversity and for sustaining human life through the ecological and hydrological functions they perform." From there on, everything depends on how to interpret this ambiguous text. Total freeze on progress or human biospheric development?

Currently, as of September, 160 countries have signed this convention and 1,898 sites figure on the Ramsar List, representing a total surface area of over 186 million hectares (more than five times the surface of Germany!).

In France, among its 36 Ramsar sites one can find such beautiful places as the bay area of the Mont Saint Michel or the Camargue, but also the "Impluvium of Evian." One understands better why when discovering that the Riboud's family food giant Danone (e.g., Danon yogurt) and its subsidiary Eaux d'Evian (mineral water), became major sponsors of the Ramsar List in 1998.

However, it is in Africa, that one discovers the real target of this operation. While the Transaqua project, combining the construction of a 2400 km navigable canal with a directed effort to bring new water flows and life to Lake Chad, could save and feed those millions of people now threatened with starvation in the Sahel, one discovers that all the remains of the dying lake have all have become "Ramsar Sites" and protected by law!

Cameroon has its part of the lake (12,500 ha) on the list, together with some 600,000 ha of the Waza Lagone Floodplain, one of the rivers feeding into Lake Chad. Chad itself has inscribed the lake (1,648,168 ha) and the Logone floodplains (2 978 900 ha) on the list, and Niger did the same (340,423 ha). The lake is dying and so are the fish, say the fishermen, but its death is well protected!

You want another example? Take the Sudd in Sudan, the vast area of marshes and wetlands created by the White Nile which could be "polderized," transformed into useful farmland, by finishing the construction of the Jonglei Canal, whose construction was halted when war broke out. Transforming the Sudd into useful farmland would make Sudan the breadbasket of Africa, and the world. But, once again, not surprisingly, the Sudd is a 5.7 million ha "Ramsar site" to be frozen for eternity by the Malthusian fanatics of the WWF.

To conclude, let's simply say that time has come to blow this scandal and guarantee the right for development for everybody, including for our dear friends of the biosphere, badly represented by these strange animals of the WWF!