March 19th 2011 • 11:08AM

The Former Deputy Speaker of the Representatives Council of Bahrain gave an interview to BueSo's Ali Sharaf on the situation in Bahrain following the Bahraini and Saudi security force crack-down on the peaceful protests.

March 8th 2011 • 8:58PM

BueSo Candidate for Mayor in Berlin, Stefan Tolksdorf, discusses the mass strike uprising in Germany over Guttenberg's plagiarism, the response to the biofuels and Green hoax against Germany, and the growing potential for reinstating Glass-Steagall now underway internationally.

February 24th 2011 • 2:47PM

Elections that will be held tomorrow in Ireland, not only give the Irish the opportunity to make a significant stand against the British Empire, they typify the potential that exists internationally, if we know who we are fighting against, and what we are fighting for.

February 10th 2011 • 8:59PM

As the elections rapidly approach in Ireland, Sinn Féin pulls rank as the only party which consistently fought against the attacks on Ireland's sovereignty, from the Lisbon treaty in 2009 through the forced EU/IMF bailout deal of today. Let Sinn Féin's uncompromising stand on principle be a reference point and inspiration for patriots the world over.

November 2nd 2010 • 1:41PM

An on-the-ground report from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where thousands of citizens spontaneously gathered last week to say their farewells to Nestor Kirchner, former President and Argentine patriot. On election day, Americans need such a reference point for what real statesmanship and courage should look like, as is found in the life and legacy of Kirchner.

March 9th 2011 • 1:52PM

Karsten Werner reports on the demonstration of 17,000 teachers in Dresden, Saxony, as part of the growing mass strike.

February 28th 2011 • 10:16PM

The dramatic elections in Ireland over the weekend are yet one more reflection of the global mass strike in progress, as the long-time ruling party, the Fianna Fáil join the ranks of the increasingly endangered species, the "Gadaffy Duck".

February 14th 2011 • 1:15PM

BueSo Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche speaks on The Historic Opportunity of 2011. Be sure to read and distribute her written statement, which can be found by clicking here.

November 26th 2010 • 4:05PM

A news update on the recent revelations from 1995 that the French presidential election was fraudulent, that current President Sarkozy is implicated in that fraud, and that Jacques Cheminade was a deliberate target for political assassination.

See Also: Mass Strike in France: Cheminade's Presidential Leadership

November 2nd 2010 • 2:00AM

Limari Navarrete discusses the Mass Strike's emergence in France as a characteristic of the transatlantic economic crisis we are facing, and the crucial leadership of Jacques Cheminade as a presidential candidate for 2012.