June 17th 2011 • 4:36PM

Emiliano Andino and Betiana Gonzalez report on the launching of the SAC-D/Aquarius satellite, built and launched in Argentina, with collaboration with NASA. Carrying 9 instruments from 4 countries, this addition to our sensorium will provide a critical view of precursors to techtonic activity, and a map of the composition of earths's surface, in more fidelity than we've had before.

April 2nd 2011 • 2:31AM

Professor Pier Francesco Biagi, leading Italian researcher on earthquake precursors, possessed evidence as early as March 1st, of the high probability of a major earthquake hitting Japan within ten days. If the warning Biagi's team issued had been heeded, the devastating effects of the March 11th quake could have been avoided.

April 8th 2011 • 7:20PM

Roscosmos director Anatoly Perminov has thrown his weight behind a program called IGMASS, which, if enacted, would serve as an important stepping stone towards the urgent international collaborative scientific program which LaRouche has proposed, which he has dubbed "Operation Kepler", for the consolidation and expansion of man's existing sensorium, allowing us to forecast earthquakes and the like

November 23rd 2010 • 11:08AM

Report on a new national holiday for Argentina.