October 30th 2011 • 1:05PM

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Lyndon LaRouche addresses 'The Grand Pacific Alliance', an international policy conference hosted by Congressional Candidate Summer Shields (CA). In the context of the current global breakdown crisis, LaRouche discussed the imminent threat of a British-sponsored World War III, and the role that President Obama has and will continue to play in making that threat a reality. Therefore, patriots and world leaders cannot afford to flinch on the question of stripping Obama of his presidential powers via the 25th Amendment.

September 30th 2011 • 1:04PM

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, president of Argentina and wife of the late Nestor Kirchner, delivered this rousing patriotic speech on September 28, 2011 at the activation of the Atucha II nuclear power plant.

July 11th 2011 • 10:34PM

Schiller Institute "Musikabend".

July 3rd 2011 • 9:00PM

In this second report, Harley Schlanger gives a wrap-up overview of the proceedings of the Schiller Institute conference "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink".

Stay tuned to this website for full coverage of the conference over the coming days.

October 28th 2011 • 3:02PM

Summer Shields cordially invites you to his campaign's annual international conference: "Rescuing Civilization from the Brink - The Grand Pacific Alliance".

September 22nd 2011 • 3:37PM

The only means to set us on the path towards recovery is a three powers collaboration between the United States, Russia, and China. Leaders from two of those nations met last week to sign important agreements on nuclear development.

September 9th 2011 • 11:00AM

In light of the September 15th general elections in Denmark, Tom Gillesberg, Chairman of the Danish Schiller Institute and independent candidate for Danish Parliament, gives us a report about the fight for Glass-Steagall and world development in Denmark, and the leadership initiatives that they will need from the United States in order to get the job done.

July 6th 2011 • 4:01PM

Glen Isherwood from the Citizens Electoral Council reports from the ongoing International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Glen highlights the ongoing fight between the British empire created statistical method in Science, and the optimistic view that mankind can know and control natural phenomena, like earthquakes and volcanoes.

June 17th 2011 • 4:36PM

Emiliano Andino and Betiana Gonzalez report on the launching of the SAC-D/Aquarius satellite, built and launched in Argentina, with collaboration with NASA. Carrying 9 instruments from 4 countries, this addition to our sensorium will provide a critical view of precursors to techtonic activity, and a map of the composition of earths's surface, in more fidelity than we've had before.