March 24th 2012 • 8:20AM

Lyndon LaRouche sent the following pre-recorded video message to the March 20, 2012 conference on "A Nuclear World War Can Make Us Extinct; We Must Evolve to an Economy of the Noosphere," held in an auditorium of the Mexican Senate building in downtown Mexico City.

March 12th 2012 • 9:10AM

LPACTV's Hector Rivas interviews Theologian Patriarch Ignatius IV of Antioch on his perspective from Damascus and of the current events that are unfolding both there in Syria and here in the United States.

March 5th 2012 • 11:05AM

Continuing coverage of the international LaRouche movement's Day of Action to stop WWIII. Diane Sare reports from a rally held at Columbus Circle in New York City.

March 4th 2012 • 7:03PM

The LaRouchePAC continues its international mobilization to stop WWIII in San Francisco, California

March 3rd 2012 • 9:35PM

As a part of the LaRouche Movement's international mobilization to stop Thermonuclear World War III, Bill Roberts of the LaRouche National Slate addresses the American people.

March 14th 2012 • 1:59AM

On January 31st French Presidential candidate, and Lyndon LaRouche co-thinker Jacques Cheminade, caused an immediate shock wave across France when he announced that he had obtained the 500 signed commitments from elected officials needed to acquire Presidential ballot status.

March 7th 2012 • 7:27PM

Karsten Werner interviews Mohammad Mahfoud following the Feb 24-25 Schiller Institute International Conference in Berlin.

March 4th 2012 • 10:33PM

The International Days of Action continue with demonstrations in Dresden, Germany

March 4th 2012 • 5:54PM

Germany's BüSo Party takes to the streets in Köln during the LaRouche Movement's International Day of Action!

March 3rd 2012 • 4:31PM

Australia's Citizens Electoral Council takes to the streets on the LaRouche Movement's International Day of Action!