November 26th 2010 • 6:00PM

As the British run Inter-Alpha Group of Banks collapsed, the British are still on the attack pushing genocide policies like the massive reduction of Australia's "Food Bowl" in an effort to reduce their population. Citizens Electoral Council member Glenn Isherwood gives the on the ground report.

November 26th 2010 • 4:05PM

A news update on the recent revelations from 1995 that the French presidential election was fraudulent, that current President Sarkozy is implicated in that fraud, and that Jacques Cheminade was a deliberate target for political assassination.

See Also: Mass Strike in France: Cheminade's Presidential Leadership

November 19th 2010 • 1:04AM

Schiller Institute Chairwoman, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, recorded the following audio statement for a conference that was supposed to take place in Haiti on Nov. 18th. Unfortunately, because of the conditions on the ground, the conference was postponed. However, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche and LaRouchePAC felt it was necessary to publish the statement at this time in this format.

November 18th 2010 • 11:47AM
On November 10th, the Mexico City LaRouche Youth Movement hosted a forum in the Mexican Congress, entitled, "NAWAPA-PHLINO: A New Concept of Infrastructure." This is a brief overview of the conference, with an excerpt from Helga Zepp-LaRouche's keynote address. Excerpts from various of the other panelists will be made available on this website in the coming days.
November 12th 2010 • 10:00PM

Jonas Velasco reporting on the latest from the NAWAPA/PHLINO conference that took place in the Mexican Congress.

November 26th 2010 • 5:34PM

EIR U.N. Correspondent Leni Rubenstein has just returned from China where she was invited, as an honored guest, to give several presentations on the potential collaboration between the United States and China, based on Lyndon LaRouche's discoveries in physical economics.

November 23rd 2010 • 11:08AM

Report on a new national holiday for Argentina.

November 18th 2010 • 4:10PM

Helga Zepp-LaRouche shows the Euro is a failed experiment. Europe's nations need to get out of the Euro, back to sovereign currencies and implement Glass-Steagall.

November 15th 2010 • 12:00PM

LaRouche Representative Harley Schlanger is in France, where the delusion of Obama-love is fading, and the need for Glass-Steagall is becoming all the more apparent.

November 8th 2010 • 6:54PM

Obama takes a "working vacation" to India accompanied by Robert "Gibberish" Gibbs.