November 28th 2012 • 2:45PM

The challenge posed by future asteroid and comet impacts must be addressed, if we are to ensure the defense of life on our planet. Step 1: early detection! The earlier we can find a potentially threatening object, the more time we have to act. But what gives mankind, uniquely, the ability to do this?

September 5th 2012 • 9:28AM

LaRouchePAC Basement team members Ben Deniston and Liona Fan-Chiang discuss the role of LaRouche's original Strategic Defense Initiative, the Russian proposal for a Strategic Defense of Earth, and the role of mankind in mastering the forces of the solar system.

August 16th 2012 • 10:44PM

Interview with Marsha Freeman on the historical significance of the Mars rover 'curiosity' landing, and where we go from here. Read her recent article here: Curiosity Will Drive Us to Understanding a New Mars

August 6th 2012 • 7:58PM

The landing of the Mars rover Curiosity has triggered a wave of optimism in the American population now that mankind is firmly established on Mars. This is a vindication for mankind and science versus Obama!

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April 21st 2012 • 9:59PM

At the 2012 Astrobiology Conference in Atlanta, Creighton Cody Jones (LPAC Basement Research Team) gave a presentation titled, "Understanding the Dynamic Relationship of Electromagnetism and Life as an Evolutionary Process, and as a Baseline for Supporting Life in an Extra-Terrestrial Environment."

September 14th 2012 • 5:36PM

At the 2012 IGMASS conference: Space and the Global Security of Humanity, LPAC “Basement” member Jason Ross presented the political-strategic considerations that make collaboration on space defense particularly important today, as well as LaRouche's method for understanding the value of scientific discovery.

August 23rd 2012 • 8:58PM

Mars and Curiosity: Episode 1 - This series investigates the human mind and Man's role in the solar system. The first episode introduces the development of man's relation to the red planet by reviewing the Mariner missions of the 1960's. The Mariners were prelude to the Viking Mission.

August 11th 2012 • 9:06PM

The recent, successful landing of the Mars Rover, Curiosity, on the surface of Mars, spells political doom for the likes of President Obama, and anyone else who promotes an anti-science, anti-human policy. Here, we document how the mission succeeded despite the attacks on NASA by the Obama administration. -updated 8/13-

May 27th 2012 • 2:00PM

Interview with Russian space agency, Roscosmos, chief Vladimir Popovkin.

April 18th 2012 • 3:03PM

From the 2012 Astrobiology Conference in Atlanta, Oyang Teng (LPAC Basement Research Team) interviews Dr. Claudio Maccone (Technical Director of the International Academy of Astronautics) on humanity's current vulnerability to extraterrestrial threats such as asteroids, comets, and supernovas, and the needed international collaboration to overcome such dangers.