September 10th 2011 • 7:40PM

With LaRouchePAC's role as the leading enemy of the British Empire now undeniably established with the release of the "9/11: Ten Years Later" feature, we bring you the full-length completed "New Presidency" video, with all six candidates of the LaRouche Democratic Slate. This is the program with which to replace Obama's presidency.

June 25th 2011 • 9:15AM

From LaRouche's July-September forecast of 2010, to his most recent General Forecast of 2011, everything has changed.

March 20th 2011 • 1:13AM

John Hoefle, interviewed by Chris Landry on Thursday, counterposes the true Physical crisis- typified by the Pacific Ring of Fire- against the financial monetary crisis, typified by insane budget cuts and bailouts. Will mankind's creativity prevail, or will the monetary system continue to kill us?

March 9th 2011 • 2:00PM

Today, a mass strike is sweeping the across the planet as both the future and present living conditions of citizens everywhere remain at the mercy of the bankrupt global monetary system. As it moves, to the extent political leaders refuse to overwhelm the crisis with solutions like Glass Steagall, they are being stripped of their credibility and authority.

June 27th 2011 • 7:52PM
April 25th 2011 • 4:42PM

Western States Spokesman Harley Schlanger discusses that without Glass-Steagall, the nation and civilization will be lost. However, if Glass Stegall is re-implemented, we will be able to carry out NAWAPA, revive NASA, and begin the development necessary to understand and deal with the current galactic crisis.

March 15th 2011 • 3:33PM

The Japanese Earthquake must serve as a wake-up call for mankind. We are behind in our scientific understanding of the Universe, specifically the relationship between our Earth, our active Sun, and our galaxy.

March 2nd 2011 • 4:10PM

The younger generations of 25-45 are in the front lines of a historic battle, while the older generation tries to compromise with the enemy. We bring you reports from the LaRouche Democratic campaigns across the country on the advance of the mass strike movement.