March 7th 2013 • 6:35PM

Marcia Merry Baker of Executive Intelligence Review has recently put together a food and agricultural crisis fact sheet, which we’ve been distributing far and wide, and into the congress.

June 25th 2012 • 7:44PM

In 1932, after several years of continued devastation through policies of austerity and deflation, a desperate President Hoover turned to the proposal of a Reconstruction Finance Corporation to aid in saving the United States from collapse. The RFC was a powerful institution of credit, but one which Hoover failed to understand. Instead of building out of the collapse, Hoover threw money at the banks and the banks in turn threw that money into speculation, further devastating the nation.

With the 1933 inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt, this situation rapidly changed. Armed with the RFC, Roosevelt wielded the power of public credit to transform the United States.

May 25th 2012 • 10:48AM

Part I of the May 19th Town Hall event in Los Angeles, featuring Cody Jones from the Basement team. Part I includes a musical introduction, and a presentation by Phil Rubinstein.

April 27th 2012 • 3:00PM

On Friday, April 27, 2012, Helga Zepp-LaRouche delivered a webcast titled, "Dialogue with Spain and Portugal On the Global Crisis and the Future of Europe." In the context of the impending collapse of the european system, which threatens the continued existence of the United States as well, we present to you the proceedings. Transcript Available

February 13th 2012 • 2:00PM

There is no way we can address a food crisis from the standpoint of only producing more food. It will require an upshift of the entire system, which means reviving the commitment to mankind’s extraterrestrial existence.

October 1st 2012 • 7:00PM

Marcia Merry Baker, Agricultural Economist with Executive Intelligence Review, details several aspects of the food crisis: the dismal harvest; the impact of this on our livestock herds; the Obama administration policy of bio fuels and nutrition reduction; and steps we could take before it is too late.

May 25th 2012 • 12:00PM

Part II of the May 19th Town Hall event in Los Angeles, featuring Cody Jones from the Basement team. Part II has Cody's presentation, Q&A, and concluding remarks from Phil Rubinstein.

May 22nd 2012 • 4:46PM

In this episode of Biospheric Engineering, we interview EIR's Agriculture Economist Marcia Merry Baker on the dismal state of food production and shortages across the world. Also discussed are the emergency as well as long-term measures necessary to guarantee global food security.

March 5th 2012 • 8:00PM

LPACTV's Hector Rivas interviews Progressive Democratic Presidential candidate Darcy Richardson on why he is running, why the Obama Administration is a failure and what we can do to rescue the nation.

November 22nd 2011 • 3:40PM

mp3 audio

Interview with Executive Intelligence Review's Agriculture Economist, Marcia Merry Baker, on the current global food crisis which threatens to strike as soon as this winter. Baker goes through the immediate global contingency measures that must be taken now to thwart such a crisis, as well as a long-term perspective for food production fit for a space-faring species like ours.