October 10th 2013 • 10:00AM

Michael Kirsch interviews EIR History Editor Anton Chaitkin, where they discuss Mr. Chaitkin's latest article, John F. Kennedy vs. the Empire.

February 2nd 2012 • 5:55PM

The compilation of the entire Who We Fight Mini-series, an illustration of the operations of the British Empire against the United States, in the period of 1941-1968.

November 30th 2011 • 8:19PM

Lyndon LaRouche appeared live on the Alex Jones show November 30th, to drive home the imminent threat for nuclear war under, British direction and through the use of their puppet, President Obama. Download the audio here.

October 16th 2011 • 9:41AM

President Obama, with his assassination of Awlaki and expansion of the private military has solidified his place in a long line of minions who have served the British monetary system. The British Empire is finished, but that simply means that now, they are willing to unleash their entire apparatus to move for dictatorship now, in the United States.

May 9th 2011 • 6:06PM

The same morons from East Anglia who brought you Climategate, (and who hoped you had forgotten) now bring you a new edition of "Mein Kampf" in the form of a report titled "World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability.”
John Hoefle appears once again to discuss the implications of this 'report'.

March 5th 2012 • 2:00PM

Trailer for the interview with Lebanese-American Poet and Author, Khaled Fayyad. The British have not only setup and continued to run extremist terrorist groups in Southwest Asia, but Fayyad also discusses some of the most current operations in the region, including Libya, Syria, and Iran.

December 25th 2011 • 5:00PM

In this third and final installment of the Who We Fight Series, we look at the relationship between John F. Kennedy and the WWII generation in fighting the British Empire.

For the previous installments of the Who We Fight series, see:
Episode I: Empire Strikes
Episode II: The Organization Men

November 19th 2011 • 1:27PM

Mankind's evolutionary right to move into solar and galactic space is being denied by the Zeus-like policies of the Obama administration and therefore he must be impeached.

September 27th 2011 • 4:11PM

Today we re-feature this excerpt from the September 21, 2011 Weekly Report, in which Lyndon LaRouche specifies the Great Pacific Alliance as the power bloc capable of breaking the power of the British Empire and freeing the rest of the world from the persisting evil of the oligarchical principle.

April 21st 2011 • 2:52PM

The Schiller Institute in Denmark correspondent Michelle Rasmussen conducts an interview with Icelandic parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir. She discusses why the Icelandic people voted against the bailout and urges other nations to do the same. The next step is the re-enactment of Glass Steagall of which was discussed with utmost importance during the interview.