April 19th 2012 • 11:29AM

Diane Sare (NJ-5) at the April 14th Congressional Town Hall hosted by Dave Christie (WA-9).

April 2nd 2012 • 1:48PM

LPAC Basement Team member Benjamin Deniston presents "Evolution as Creativity" to a meeting of the Danish Schiller Institute Conference. This address features the latest development from the LPAC Basement Team as well as question and answer period with members of the international LaRouche Movement in Denmark.

March 7th 2012 • 2:11PM

Rudolph Biérent, from France's Aerospace Lab ONERA, presentation to the 2012 Schiller Institute Conference.

March 2nd 2012 • 10:49PM

Bruce Director's presentation to the 2012 Schiller Institute Conference, titled "Anti-Entropy: Toppling the Tyranny of the Second Law of Thermodynamics"

February 27th 2012 • 11:41AM

In this Interview we discuss the threat of war, and the policy solutions to avert war and bring about a true economic recovery centered by reinstating Glass Steagall

April 17th 2012 • 3:07PM

This week's discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the national slate of LPAC endorsed candidates. For more on the campaigns, see

March 30th 2012 • 10:40AM

Candidate Kesha Rogers (TX 22) intervened at the Lunar Planetary Institute Conference, held between March 21-23, 2012. She discusses Mercury, the Moon, and the importance of human space exploration for the future with NASA Scientist Pamela Clark.

March 5th 2012 • 2:00PM

Trailer for the interview with Lebanese-American Poet and Author, Khaled Fayyad. The British have not only setup and continued to run extremist terrorist groups in Southwest Asia, but Fayyad also discusses some of the most current operations in the region, including Libya, Syria, and Iran.

March 2nd 2012 • 10:22PM

Sky Shields presented the latest breakthroughs made by the LPAC Basement Research Team to the 2012 Schiller Institute Conference held in Berlin, Germany.

For full coverage of the conference, click here.

February 7th 2012 • 4:16PM

Any planetary recovery must necessarily begin by examining the economic principles which underlie the difference between a successful and unsuccessful economic policy. In particular, we must first elaborate the characteristics of a self-developing system -- one whose evolution is entirely governed by its internal relations, not subject to any fixed outside metric.