October 23rd 2012 • 3:44PM

Are the people of the United States stupid enough to vote for their own extinction? In this week's candidates show, Lyndon LaRouche defines the issue of the upcoming election.

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October 2nd 2012 • 1:36PM

Lyndon LaRouche, in this week's discussion with the National Slate, stresses that now is the moment of our nation's greatest crisis, and there is no excuse for committing the crime of supporting Obama.

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September 18th 2012 • 1:29PM

In this week's discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the national slate, the issue of the need for Obama's immediate removal, based on his complicity and knowledge regarding the attack in Libya, is discussed.

September 11th 2012 • 12:03PM

In today's discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the national slate, Mr. LaRouche gets to the core of the current dismal situation the nation faces with the choice of either of the two leading presidential candidates: party politics must now come to an end if we are to avert thermonuclear war.

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September 3rd 2012 • 7:22PM

There is only one issue worth talking about: Obama's commitment to thermonuclear war. All other issues are irrelevant until we remove Obama from power.

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October 9th 2012 • 12:11PM

In this week's discussion, Lyndon LaRouche stresses that the commitment by leading figures now, must be not to parties, but to humanity.

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October 1st 2012 • 7:00PM

Marcia Merry Baker, Agricultural Economist with Executive Intelligence Review, details several aspects of the food crisis: the dismal harvest; the impact of this on our livestock herds; the Obama administration policy of bio fuels and nutrition reduction; and steps we could take before it is too late.

September 14th 2012 • 5:36PM

At the 2012 IGMASS conference: Space and the Global Security of Humanity, LPAC “Basement” member Jason Ross presented the political-strategic considerations that make collaboration on space defense particularly important today, as well as LaRouche's method for understanding the value of scientific discovery.

September 10th 2012 • 2:48PM

On September 9th, during the festivities held to celebrate his 90th birthday, Lyndon LaRouche gave a keynote address to his associates and to the nation.

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August 28th 2012 • 10:17AM

In his discussion with the LPAC endorsed slate of candidates, Lyndon LaRouche declares there is NO room for compromise: Obama must be removed from office now!