November 2nd 2012 • 9:33AM

The Benghazi tragedy draws dramatic attention to the criminal failure of Obama, but the real cover-up is that of the Anglo-Saudi terror apparatus that threatens the entire planet with general warfare if this president is not removed from office immediately. Watch Part I and Part II

October 29th 2012 • 4:59PM

The human species has dramatically changed its mode of life over the past thousands of years, while no animal species has done so. Understanding that quality which sets us apart (called by such names as "intelligence," "reason," "rational thought," or sometimes, simply "language") is not a question for idle philosophers: it is a key political question in our time.

October 28th 2012 • 7:30PM

President Obama lied to the American people saying that the bailout was necessary. It was not. When he came into the presidency confronting a crisis worse than the great depression, he continued the bailout policy and refused to enact the only law that would have prevented the further disintegration of the United States, the Glass-Steagall policy.

October 23rd 2012 • 3:44PM

Are the people of the United States stupid enough to vote for their own extinction? In this week's candidates show, Lyndon LaRouche defines the issue of the upcoming election.

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October 2nd 2012 • 1:36PM

Lyndon LaRouche, in this week's discussion with the National Slate, stresses that now is the moment of our nation's greatest crisis, and there is no excuse for committing the crime of supporting Obama.

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October 30th 2012 • 2:04PM

Lyndon LaRouche recorded this presentation for the Second International Conference on Fundamental Questions of Sustained Development in the System of Nature-Society-Man, which took place at Dubna University, Moscow Region, Russia, on October 29-30, 2012.

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October 29th 2012 • 4:06PM

In this week's Candidates Show, Lyndon LaRouche lays out not only the urgent necessity, but the potential for the takedown of the Obama presidency.

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October 24th 2012 • 12:06PM

Part one of a series "The Indictment of Barack Obama" - Obama is responsible for the deaths of countless civilians, and is guilty of pushing mass-death policies capable of far worse. In the first of our series on the Indictment of Barack Obama, we examine Obama's T4 health bill as he proposed it, and as it has gone into effect.

October 9th 2012 • 12:11PM

In this week's discussion, Lyndon LaRouche stresses that the commitment by leading figures now, must be not to parties, but to humanity.

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October 1st 2012 • 7:00PM

Marcia Merry Baker, Agricultural Economist with Executive Intelligence Review, details several aspects of the food crisis: the dismal harvest; the impact of this on our livestock herds; the Obama administration policy of bio fuels and nutrition reduction; and steps we could take before it is too late.