December 25th 2011 • 5:00PM

In this third and final installment of the Who We Fight Series, we look at the relationship between John F. Kennedy and the WWII generation in fighting the British Empire.

For the previous installments of the Who We Fight series, see:
Episode I: Empire Strikes
Episode II: The Organization Men

December 6th 2011 • 3:50PM

Jeff Steinberg of E.I.R. discusses the central role that LaRouche has played to catalyze a global resistance to the British plans for thermonuclear World War III. Steinberg gives a window into the back-story behind the resistance inside Israel today; namely, LaRouche's direct dialogues with leading Israeli patriots, including Abba Eban, stretching all the way back to the early 1970's.

November 24th 2011 • 1:00PM

The true story of the fight for NAWAPA, spanning the 60s and early 70s, as told through the words of Utah's Senator Frank Moss.

November 19th 2011 • 1:27PM

Mankind's evolutionary right to move into solar and galactic space is being denied by the Zeus-like policies of the Obama administration and therefore he must be impeached.

November 10th 2011 • 10:48AM

Scientist Sky Shields, leader of the LaRouche Movement Basement Team, challenges the common (and not so common) assumptions of what time is.
After exhausting a number of paths, volunteered by the audience, Sky takes a sharp turn, to the development of human languages, the Credit System - and Immortality.

December 23rd 2011 • 5:29PM

The LaRouchePAC is committed to stopping the threat of WWIII by impeaching this President. This is the first installation of an on-the-ground look at our organizing. Forget presents and egg-nog: we have to remove Obama!

November 30th 2011 • 8:19PM

Lyndon LaRouche appeared live on the Alex Jones show November 30th, to drive home the imminent threat for nuclear war under, British direction and through the use of their puppet, President Obama. Download the audio here.

November 22nd 2011 • 2:12PM

Executive Intelligence Review interviews Dr. Hans Blix, on his expert opinion of the conclusions of the recent IAEA Report. Dr. Blix shows that the evidence is not there to support the cry for war against Iran.

November 14th 2011 • 2:00PM

MP3 Audio

On this weekend's edition of the LaRouche Show, host Harley Schlanger interviewed Professor Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois College of Law. Prof. Boyle is currently offering to act as legal counsel to any member of Congress in any political party to impeach President Barack Obama.

Watch an earlier interview with Professor Francis Boyle, conducted by LPACTV's Leandra Bernstein.

October 16th 2011 • 9:41AM

President Obama, with his assassination of Awlaki and expansion of the private military has solidified his place in a long line of minions who have served the British monetary system. The British Empire is finished, but that simply means that now, they are willing to unleash their entire apparatus to move for dictatorship now, in the United States.