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April 20th 2012 • 2:23PM

Hector Rivas reports from Washington D.C., on LaRouchePAC's national organizing over the recent weeks, and the mobilization we are catalyzing internationally.

April 18th 2012 • 9:26AM

Hal Cooper, contributing author to NAWAPA XXI, presents a brief update on developments in Russia around the building of the Bering Strait Tunnel and Eurasian Landbridge, to the audience of the April 14th Congressional Town Hall of Candidate Dave Christie (WA-9).

April 17th 2012 • 2:05PM

LPACTV offers an on the ground report in the aftermath of attending and intervening at the French Presidential Elections Discussion hosted by the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C.

April 19th 2012 • 11:29AM

Diane Sare (NJ-5) at the April 14th Congressional Town Hall hosted by Dave Christie (WA-9).

April 18th 2012 • 9:17AM

Candidate Rachel Brown (MA-4) spoke at the congressional town hall of Dave Christie (WA-9), held this past weekend near Seattle, WA.

April 16th 2012 • 3:26PM

Congressional Candidate Dave Christie (WA-9) held a town hall over the weekend featuring as guests, Candidates Rachel Brown (MA-4) and Diane Sare (NJ-5). NAWAPA XXI principle author Michael Kirsch also made a presentation to the event. Featured here is Dave Christie's introductory political briefing.

Kesha Rogers: The Mission Before Us
November 3rd 2010 • 6:23PM

Kesha Rogers, former congressional candidate for Texas' 22nd District, gives us our political marching orders, as she continues the fight to remove Obama, re-implement Glass-Steagall, and pioneer man's extraterrestrial imperative.

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