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February 14th 2012 • 4:03PM

This 6th dialogue in the Economic System series, featuring LPAC Research Team member Sky Shields, focuses on the morality required of the American population if we are to defeat the British Empire, who are very morally committed to saving their species.

January 30th 2012 • 2:40PM

Lyndon LaRouche and the Slate of Federal Congressional Candidates discuss the economics of extinction and the principle of progress, as presented in the January 26th Weekly Report. MP3 Audio

February 8th 2012 • 1:14PM

The 5th installment in a series of dialogues between Lyndon LaRouche and the Federal Slate of LaRouche Democrat Congressional Candidates. The complete Economic System series can be found by clicking here.

January 26th 2012 • 11:16AM

Indications have arisen pointing to the possibility of a 7.5 or greater earthquake to occur in the North Western region of the United States, or Mexico. In absence of any intelligent life within the present selection of presidential candidates, Summer Shields of the LaRouche slate addresses the issue.

Kesha Rogers: The Mission Before Us
November 3rd 2010 • 6:23PM

Kesha Rogers, former congressional candidate for Texas' 22nd District, gives us our political marching orders, as she continues the fight to remove Obama, re-implement Glass-Steagall, and pioneer man's extraterrestrial imperative.

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