September 16th 2011 • 3:22PM

For the coming elections in Germany this Sunday, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche discuss international politics, from both an American and European point of view.

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August 22nd 2011 • 2:43PM

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Looking reality squarely in the eye, Lyndon LaRouche assesses the bleak reality we face. If you think he's too harsh, you're condemning future humanity to a dark age.

August 14th 2011 • 12:53PM

"We could decide to stop dying, and live!" The world monetary-economic crisis we saw unfold last week, can still be reversed. Discussed are the only solutions and the required outlook for our survival.

September 7th 2011 • 11:51AM

Lyndon LaRouche delivered this emergency presidential statement this morning, addressed to an international audience.

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August 20th 2011 • 9:03PM

Lyndon LaRouche, and Executive Editor Alicia Cerretani reflect on last week's events. What is "political guts"?

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August 13th 2011 • 6:11PM

So far, humanity survives by a thread. Lyndon LaRouche and Executive Editor Alicia Cerretani, discuss the forces at play during the last week, and look towards the coming week.

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November 3rd 2010 • 6:27PM

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