Simpson and Bowles Out-Schacht Schacht
November 11, 2010 • 8:23AM

Former Republican Senator Alan Simpson and ex-White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, the co-chairs of the President's debt commission, jumped the gun today, and issued their own "recommendations" for $3.8 trillion in budget cuts, that would decimate Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and scale back Federal government operations by $200 billion. They would end home mortgage interest deductions and many other tax breaks, and would force some veterans to make co-pays for their VA medical coverage. Their proposal would also totally cut all funding for commercial space flight, thus finishing the job started by Obama with the shutdown of the Constellation manned space program (based on support for commercial manned programs).

The duo released a 50-page PowerPoint and a list of 58 specific cuts, three weeks before the Obama-created commission is to issue its report. If 14 of the 18 commission members endorse the detailed Schachtian blueprint, Congress will be required to cast an up or down binding vote on the entire killer package. Sources report that Simpson and Bowles don't have the 14 votes needed, and are releasing their own blueprint to uncork media pressure on the holdouts, to ram it through by Dec. 1.

A further indication of the coordinated nature of this squeeze play is the fact that, the same day that Simpson and Bowles released their document, the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform, a parallel "private" study group set up by Pete "kill the elderly" Peterson, issued their own book-length study, Getting Back in the Black, focused on how to reform the budgeting process to impose murderous Schachtian austerity, and paralyse the Federal government. The day before, Peterson unveiled a $20 million ad campaign targeting Social Security, called "OweNo." And also today, the Bipartisan Policy Center issued a press release, praising the work of Simpson and Bowles, and announcing the release, next week, of their own budget- slashing blueprint, Restoring America's Future, produced by their austerity task force, co-chaired by Alice Rivlin and Peter Domenici. Rivlin, a fanatical Schachtian, was vice chair of the Federal Reserve. Domenici met with Simpson and Bowles to compare notes before today's activities, and he sits on both the BPC and Peterson-Pew task forces.

These killers have to be exposed and decisively defeated and crushed. The fact that they had to orchestrate such a transparent publicity drive exposes them further, and obviously indicates that they don't have this situation under control. Indeed, after the Simpson-Bowles show today, several of their own commission members, including Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky (D-Ill.), came out saying that the scheme they presented was totally unacceptable. The AFL-CIO also immediately denounced it.