Take on the Bastard, Rand Paul!
November 15, 2010 • 9:52AM

The "lame-duck" session of the 111th Congress begins today with the clear necessity having been repeatedly spelled out by Lyndon LaRouche: Get Obama out of the Oval Office; enact the Glass-Steagall banking reform; launch the NAWAPA "infrastructure platform" principle for the survival and growth of the U.S.A. into the future.

As a shock to "restore the name of action," LaRouche made clear how to go on to the attack immediately, targeting the new Hapsburg-fascist darling, Senator-elect Rand Paul of Kentucky, for political destruction, along with Obama. The attacks of the "Austrian School's" Rand Paul on all capacities of the state to protect its citizens from the "money-power," represent the 200-years' enemy of the United States Republic and the General Welfare principle it stands for.

And when his supposed Tea Party "support base" learns what Paul really is — as on TV yesterday, when he was reminded of his public indifference to miners' deaths in Kentucky and his public defense of BP against government pressure and regulation — they hate it, and turn against him and his fascist ilk. Already LPAC's denunciations of Rand Paul have penetrated onto his father's far more famous website, and are polarizing angry American voters over Rand Paul's slavishness to Bernanke's Fed, and his cheers for Obama's Catfood Commission.

LaRouche said, and we repeat it today, "The very existence of our Republic is threatened by these bastards. And they have to be defeated. Don't capitulate to them; defeat them. The United States was not created by cowards who prematurely accepted defeat.

"That's why I did what I did in my Nov. 6 webcast: take this bastard on! He's a piece of crap; so I took him on and identified him as a piece of crap right away. Rand Paul, with the same policies as Obama's 'Cat Food Commission,' is trying to bring his kitty litter to the table. That's the best way of putting it: You'll get the right shudder of disgust, which is needed to begin to understand Rand Paul.

"If the Republicans are going to blockade the proceedings in the House, during this period before January, then they are going to blockade all the agenda, including their own agenda, such as the 'Cat Food Commission.' You've got to hit them with their own operation; always defeat the enemy with his own strongest operation, by flanking it. How do you flank the attempt to blockade any legislation in the lame duck period? Block their legislation; use their own medicine that they're organizing, against them. Flank the bastards. Stop saying: 'We've got to submit to their forces.' Come on; flank the bastards!

"We're going to flank the bastards, not react to them. Hit them. I set the pace with the Rand Paul thing. Rand Paul is the target. Hit Rand Paul. Concentrate on him. And you're going to start a rumble.

"Because the problem is, the Rand Paul vote has depended to a great degree on the Tea Party illusion. Now, the Tea Party base did not know about, and will not like, what is being delivered in the menu by Rand Paul. So therefore, we take the point that we can turn their own base against them, because they have turned against their own base. And we should stick to that. Do not get into simplistic, mechanical kinds of action-reaction. Don't think like a Hapsburg."