LaRouche on the `Irish Crisis': Let Britain's Inter-Alpha Group Go Bankrupt
November 18, 2010 • 8:42AM

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday discussed the underlying bankruptcy of the British imperial system, and in particular of its Inter-Alpha Group of banks, as the actual driving force behind the current "Irish crisis" that is sweeping Europe and the world financial system.

"What the British have done, is they've set up a big gamble, under which the Inter-Alpha banks are to be bailed out. The Inter-Alpha Group is now potentially bankrupt. If they don't get this 'Irish' bail out through the EU, they're in trouble. That's the reality—don't look for other interpretations. That is the reality.

"They took the big gamble; it's their responsibility. It goes down, and they can take heat—and will. So therefore they are really desperate. That's why British PM David Cameron is on the line all the time with Ireland, trying to hound them into submission.

"The British system is obviously bankrupt: they are in desperate straits. They gambled on this bail-out operation of this hopeless system. If that doesn't go through, they are going to take a real blow—and a well-deserved blow. They brought it on themselves.

"We hope that people aren't stupid enough to bail them out. Let them go bankrupt: it will be the best thing for them and for the world.

"This thing is a blowout of the whole damned world system. We are the only ones who are pushing the solution. The rest of them are insane; one could suggest they are criminally insane, in terms of what the effects would be of what they are trying to do. But they should just take the British system's bankruptcy and the Inter-Alpha bankruptcy nicely. If they do, we can all survive this thing—if they keep their snouts out of this.

"The British are bullshit artists. They don't really know anything. They don't know how to do anything right. But they do know how to make noises. And that's what they depend on: people are intimidated by noises, like in this case: Cameron calling up the Irish and trying to intimidate them. But Ireland's existence depends on telling the British to go to hell.

"There no chance that this thing will work. It can only take down the planet. I don't think that would be a success. Some damned Brit might think so, but I don't."