April 23rd 2011 • 6:33PM

In celebration of the unique power of mankind as composer-creators, we are proud to bring you this short featurette which comes to us from our German compatriots.

The three part compilation is a preview of sorts which touches on the themes of an upcoming DVD, now in progress titled, "The Classical Revolution." Those three sections are here outlined in brief:


January 25th 2011 • 2:08PM

For the first of two presentations at the recent NAWAPA conference in Montreal, Quebec, Jean-Philippe LeBleu presents what Canada has done as predecessor to NAWAPA, in the transformation of its prairies into some of the most productive agricultural land in the world.

December 21st 2010 • 12:55PM

Civil Engineer Elghi E. Segovia discusses his extensive experience constructing dams and other water projects in the Himalayas and South America and what we can learn from this to implement NAWAPA.

January 30th 2011 • 5:01PM

Today is the birthday of one of America's greatest Presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Every January 30, from 1934 until his death, FDR celebrated his birthday by holding a Birthday Ball to help raise the necessary funds for the research and treatment of polio.

December 22nd 2010 • 5:11PM

For the second of two presentations at the recent NAWAPA conference in Montreal, Quebec, Peter Martinson presents some of the potential that lies in Canada's Arctic region, including vast resources potential, which will be opened up through the construction of NAWAPA and the Bering Strait tunnel.

December 16th 2010 • 11:04PM

In celebration of the 240th anniversary of the birth of the immortal Ludwig van Beethoven, we bring you a performance which members of the LaRouche movement in Germany recorded on March 25th, 2010 in Berlin, of the final choral movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D-major.

Harley Schlanger

Harley Schlanger's remarks from Jacques Cheminade's November 17th conference.

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