Harley Schlanger: "We Will Never Quit"
November 23, 2010 • 8:35AM

The following was the concluding statement given to a meeting of the German BueSo party in Dresden on Nov. 19.

HARLEY: There is another point: In this fight, you can never quit, because the alternative is so horrible. To accept the conception of man as evil, is, to give up on the human race, and then, we are all animals. And one of the things that I have learned, from working with Lyndon LaRouche for nearly 40 years, is: If we make the commitment to never ever stop fighting, as long as there is one of us left, we are not going to be defeated. And when you get to a time like this, where everything else has failed, that quality of leadership will move the population.

And the best example in the American history is Abraham Lincoln, who stood alone with the conviction that the nation would survive. And he had the quality of leadership, that inspired many people to march to war, in a brutal war, and I will give you a very quick example of how he fought with his own cabinet. because it gets to this point that Helga has made about Classical culture.

In May of 1864, the war was going badly for the North, and the cabinet came to Lincoln and told him he should not run for re-election. "Let's get someone else, who can compromise with the South, who can make a deal." And Lincoln called the cabinet into the White House that night, and he said. "We're going to discuss your proposal." And he said: "Get a comfortable chair, and sit down," and he read them the Shakespeare play, Richard III.

Now, Richard III is an interesting play, because Richard is a bastard from the beginning to the end. When you first see him, he is talking about killing his brother, hating times of peace. And he says he had to be this way, because he was born misshapen, which is of course, a metaphor. Richard never changes, and every single person, who is better among his advisors, who knew he was bad and they should not work with him, they all compromised. And they ended up, either dying in battle, or being killed by Richard, or, even worse, would even marry him. And in the end, England would have been finished, had Henry Richmond not come over from France, to defeat Richard and set up the Tudor monarchy, as Henry VII, who made England the second nation-state, with the help of France and the development of a Platonist movement inside England.

Now, Lincoln read this play to his cabinet, which was three hours or so, and at the end it was clear to the people in his cabinet, that he was not going to make a deal.

And within a month, the situation with the war turned around, as Grant and Sherman started defeating the Southern forces.

Now, there is an attempt, to destroy the image of Lincoln, in my country. They say, he was a closet homosexual, or a hen-pecked husband, or that he was depressed. Well, he was depressed. He was standing alone, defending the principles of his nation, in which he was asking the people to give their lives, and he wrote letters to the families of almost every soldier, who died, on both sides, so the sacrifice was real for him, and he was prepared to pay for it with his life, which he did.

So, when they attack Lincoln today, they ask: "Why did he like Shakespeare?" And they say, "Maybe it was, because he identified with Macbeth," that he was a killer, and that he was suffering from his act of starting the war. So the people who write these histories, are moral imbeciles. It is clear, whom Lincoln identified with. He identified with Shakespeare, with the fight to uplift people, using the highest principles of Classical tragedy and drama. And Lincoln's sacrifices inspired virtually any good person in the United States, from that time to the present.

And Lincoln is an example of the good person, who would never stop fighting. So, one of the things people are learning from Lyndon LaRouche, besides the beautiful developments in science and Classical culture, is, that a person who is a real leader, never stops developing himself, and never gives up. And that's why I know, we'll eventually win this fight, because we're not going to quit."