The Extended NAWAPA: The Next 50 Years (San Francisco area)

Date - January 8th, 2011
Time - 9:30 (reception) to 4:00 pm
Location - Army Corp of Engineers Bay Model Conference Room
Downtown Sausalito
2100 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA 94965
Contact - (415) 546-4900 for more information

Join LaRouchePAC and the Bay Area for a conference on the extended implications of the North American Water and Power Alliance, one of the most massive water projects and science driver projects conceived of by man. Through discussion with several rail engineers, materials scientists, and hydrologists over the recent months, LPAC has taken the original 1960s Parson’s Corporation design for NAWAPA and updated and extended the project for modern use, including the full use of nuclear power throughout the Sawtooth lift component of the design and the extension of a network of high-speed, magnetically levitated rail systems linking the various components of the NAWAPA program throughout North America.

But NAWAPA is no mere water project. It will serve as a science driver for the rapid development and technological upgrading of the entire world. The extended NAWAPA proposal, put forward in a series of videos and animations on the website would include the Bering Strait Tunnel project to link Russian and the United States through rail, a project already under institutional consideration, the bridging of the Darien Gap through a series of rail and water development projects, finally linking up Central and South America, the Trans-Aqua or AWAPA (African Water and Power Alliance) project to bring much needed water to refill the lake Chad basin and turn the African sub-continent into an agricultural oasis, projects on engineering the Earth's oceans, and many more. Most importantly however, NAWAPA would usher in a worldwide nuclear renaissance, including the development of nuclear fusion power systems and the transition to an isotope economy, and the initiation of a new space program with a mission for mankind to get to Mars by the end of this present century.

Not only is NAWAPA absolutely exciting but most of all, it must be done! For too long we have had no emphasis on science and no emphasis on progress, leaving no future for the current generation. Today, as economist Lyndon LaRouche forecast as early as 1996, we find ourselves in a hyperinflationary economic collapse, brought on by over 40 years of dismantling our industrial and productive capacity. This policy of creative destruction is continued by the current Obama administration and threatens to be bolstered by the recent election of budget cutting maniacs typified by Rand Paul and the like, who threaten to cut away any programs for the future.

Flying in the face of the dead end proposals currently being put forward by this Obama administration and the Congress, NAWAPA demonstrates that a physical economic collapse can only be solved through a physical solution. Instead of cuts, the initial project itself would employ over 4 million new people in highly skilled productive jobs, giving many who currently have no hope of any future something worth living for. But, to make NAWAPA possible we need a few preliminary steps: 1. We need the immediate removal of Barack Obama from the presidency of the United States through section 4 of the 25th amendment to the US Constitution, which states that anyone incapable of carrying out their duties as Commander in Chief, mentally or otherwise, can be removed through the actions of the Vice President and Congressional leadership. 2. The immediate re-implementation of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass Steagall legislation to toss financial derivatives in the trash and salvage what is left of our commercial banking system. 3. Glass Steagall can then free up Federal government credit for a project like NAWAPA and get shovels in the ground immediately.

This is why we are asking everyone who sees themselves as true scientists to join us, through a shovels in the ground approach, in making NAWAPA a reality.

With 2 recent conferences on NAWAPA concluded, one in Pasadena, CA and one in Kennewick, WA, we have much work left to be done! So join us in what should prove to be a historic conference up in the Bay Area to truly kick start an economic recovery, led by NAWAPA. Held at the Bay Area's historic Bay Model Visitor's Center, the conference will feature a guided tour of California's Bay Model Water project and will include presentations from LaRouchePAC's Basement Research team and a panel of local experts and scientists.

Conference Line-up

9:30 - Reception
10:00 - Opening Keynote Address
11:00 - Tour of the Bay Model
12:30 - Lunch Break (Lunch will be served at the Bay Model)
1:30 - Break off sessions (Discussion with the experts)
NAWAPA--The Project and its International Implications
Beyond NAWAPA--The Next 50 Years
3:00 - Closing Remarks

To pre-register, call (415) 546-4900.