October 5th 2010 • 6:52PM

Rachel Brown gives a presentation on Glass-Steagall to an audience of 150 people in Queens, New York. Basement Team researcher Aaron Halevy also presents an overview of the globally-extended NAWAPA project, which will be possible as soon as we in the United States win the fight for Glass-Steagall.

October 1st 2010 • 3:04PM

Lyndon LaRouche recorded this lecture for delivery to a Sept. 27 round table on "The World Crisis and Sustainable Development," held during the First International Scientific School - "Project Management of Sustained Innovation-based Development" at the Dubna International University of Nature, Society, and Man (Sept. 20-29, 2010).

September 28th 2010 • 12:00AM

Bien au-delà de la portée du projet NAWAPA lui-même, la construction et l'exécution de NAWAPA nécessite de nouvelles lignes d'approvisionnement logistique, un développement industriel et une gestion des ressources naturelles dans de nouvelles régions, et nous conduit ultimement vers le développement du continent Nord-américain dans son entièreté, et ce pour la première fois de l'histoire de l'huma

October 4th 2010 • 5:13PM

Humankind’s harmony with nature is his ability to raise it to higher and higher levels of organization, and consequently our actions harmonize nature’s ability to be raised to higher and higher levels by man.

September 29th 2010 • 1:38PM

Michael Steger, and Liona Fan-Chiang, leaders of the the intellectual and political work surrounding NAWAPA in California, give a report from the front lines of organizing.

September 10th 2010 • 3:15PM

A video that explores a new concept of Infrastructure, one which takes into account Vernadskian phase-spaces, and the creativity of mankind in shaping the world around him to be more complex, organized, and developed.

Dr. Howard Chang, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering

A very captivating discussion on the history of water infrastructure in California and China. The story of the Three Gorges Dam, chief wonder of the modern world, and the South-North water project currently under construction.

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