August 14th 2011 • 12:53PM

"We could decide to stop dying, and live!" The world monetary-economic crisis we saw unfold last week, can still be reversed. Discussed are the only solutions and the required outlook for our survival.

June 22nd 2011 • 1:22PM

Coronal Mass Ejections and associated geomagnetic storms are a known threat; specifically to our electrical power grid on which our survival and economy directly depend. Studies conducted by Metatech corporation estimates that more than 130 million people in the U.S.A. are at high risk for such an event, with the potential to send mankind, quite literally, back to the Dark Ages.

May 19th 2011 • 12:00PM

As a follow up to our Bay Area case-study, LPAC is releasing this new case-study on the Northwest, threatened both by its many active Volcanos, and by the Cascadia subduction zone. The seemingly peaceful Northwest is a ticking time bomb for disaster.

July 2nd 2011 • 8:20PM

We are in need of the NAWAPA policy now more than ever. Here, we reaffirm and restate the need for NAWAPA in the context of the recent wildfires and flooding, and also review its function as Vladimir Vernadsky would see it.

June 4th 2011 • 9:43AM

Earthquakes & The New Madrid Seismic Zone is the fourth installment in a series of LPACTV video presentations on the imminent threat of earthquakes and like forces facing the United States.

May 2nd 2011 • 1:19PM

The evolution of life on land was an anti-entropic revolution for the biosphere as a whole. Oyang Teng presents this process as one of a series of ongoing case studies of the principle of physical-economic platforms, manifested within living nature. In particular, this slice of evolutionary history is examined from the standpoint of the Hypersea theory of American scientists Dianna and Mark McMenamin, an extension of Vladimir Vernadsky's earlier work in founding the science of biogeochemistry.

Concluding Remarks: Phil Rubenstein

A closing discussion of why NAWAPA is not an option, but an immediate necessity.

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