Interview with Christine Bierre: 50th Anniversary of Niger's Independence
December 18, 2010 • 5:13PM

Jacques Cheminade, founder and president of Solidarite et Progrès and current French presidential candidate, and Christine Bierre, editor of the French biweekly Nouvelle Solidarité, were among a handful of international guests invited to participate in the commemoration of the 50 years anniversary of Niger's independence.

In this context, Cheminade gave a presentation about the African Transaqua water project to a group of 70 economists, diplomatic personnel, teachers, students and media. He was presented publicly by the organizer of the event to a crowd of 800 people, including most of the government and its prime minister, most of the diplomatic corp, many intellectuals, students and others. During the visit, Cheminade gave interviews to national radio, a national daily, La Roue de l’Histoire, and national TV.