Queen Elizabeth
December 20, 2010 • 3:56PM

Lizabeth, you threatened war,
When we pass Glass-Steagall
It will make financial whores
Once again illegal.
Patriots know that FDR
knew what he was doing:
Queen Elizabeth, look out!
Your Empire's dying
Nothing's left to bail you out
Despite Obama's trying
Inter-Alpha's banks are dead,
Trillions will soon vanish:
It could be the Irish debt,
Or could be the Spanish.

We'll get feathers and some tar,
No more royal screwing!

Evil Queen Elizabeth
Your Empire's dying
No more genocidal debt,
Austerity and lying.
Patriots hate aristocrats
They won't let you cheat them;
Next time you go catching bats
You may have to eat them!

When the nations implement
Global Glass-Steagall
Wall St looting then will end
You won't look so regal
Queen Elizabeth lookout!
You may lose your Palace.
Angry Brits may toss you out
And your Buckingham Phallus!