July 14th 2011 • 9:27PM

The latest run on Italian state bonds and the downgrading of the bonds Greece and Ireland have signaled the final days of the Trans-Atlantic monetary system. The problem is that cowards on both sides of the Atlantic are falling for bait to continue to bail these bastards out, at the expense of the lives of ordinary people. That must change, and change soon, mankind is far too precious.

June 20th 2011 • 3:32PM

In the recent period food prices have skyrocketed. This is a result of the move by London's and Wall Street's speculators diving into commodities, driving up the price of food as a last attempt to save the dying financial system. The only thing left to do is cap food prices to feed our people, and let the private speculators dry up and wither away.

June 9th 2011 • 12:50PM

Ed Hamler takes an in-depth look at the bailout situation in Europe as it has developed since the imprisonment of DSK. This video also covers some of the latest developments in the fight to pass the Glass-Steagall act.

July 9th 2011 • 10:12PM

In 1796, upon his exit from the office of the Presidency, George Washington warned us of the destructive dangers lurking for our republic behind the shroud of political party. Today, patriots must realize that "loyalty to the club" of partisanship could mean the death of our nation.

June 14th 2011 • 8:16AM

In this latest report, Anna Shavin provides a closer look at how FDR increased food production while keeping prices down during the greatest war mobilization in history. FDR's example is key to surviving an upcoming crisis in food, driven by speculation.

June 8th 2011 • 1:20AM

The approaching food crisis demands that the US government heed the warnings of Lyndon LaRouche and follow in the steps of Franklin Roosevelt. Shut out the speculators and fix food prices now.

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December 28th 2010 • 11:29PM

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