May 2nd 2011 • 12:00PM

Newly introduced House Resolution 1641 correctly demands that U.S. leadership in manned space exploration not be a thing of the past. But despite how crucial this vision for the future is, without the Glass Steagall now, and without kicking out Obama, continuing the very nation itself were impossible, let alone fulfilling our extraterrestrial imperative.

December 29th 2010 • 2:22PM

After the LPAC exposé and public outcry concerning Obama's Nazi T4-inspired healthcare bill, the legislation was modified to exclude the infamous Section 1233, which became popularly referred to as the "Death Panel" section. Now, it is back. Obama has snuck it in as a "regulation," which will go into effect January 1st.

October 15th 2010 • 10:31PM

Ardena Clark discusses current scientific research with "Basement" members Cody Jones and Sky Shields.

January 3rd 2011 • 10:18PM

Helga Zepp-LaRouche discusses the history of German austerity policy in light of Obama's Nazi-T-4 inspired healthcare reform, and the importance of the defense of national sovereignty in the context of her record as a leading opponent of the Euro.

December 29th 2010 • 11:32AM

Obama is the biggest fascist in our nation's history. On January 1st, he is moving to implement Death Panels. LaRouche said "He has crossed the line of being a Hitler follower." He can be stopped, when we decide to do so.

January 16th 2010 • 7:01PM
Tuesday - While You Were Sleeping
January 4th 2011 • 11:32AM

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