Loughner Had Been Ready to Go Off for Months; All He Needed was the Suggestion
January 10, 2011 • 8:42PM

By the time he purchased his handgun last November, Jared Loughner had been programmed (or self-programmed) into a highly-suggestible, potential virtual zombie, ready to kill Rep. Giffords on short notice whenever he should get that final suggestion.

That suggestion finally came last Saturday, Jan 8, from agencies which had also pre-arranged that the very first media coverage should target Sarah Palin and, directly and by implication, others who have also opposed the Hitlerian euthanasia program called the Obama healthcare "reforms."

Like other highly-suggestible killers-patsies of recent decades, Loughner advertised his own susceptibility to mind-control from without, by his own open obsession with mind-control as shown on his You-Tube channel.

Loughner's marked mental deterioration from the time of his senior year in high school into that of his community college studies, coincided with his deepening involvement in "lucid dreaming," or "conscious dreaming." This cult, which was very popular early in this decade, teaches self-immersion in dream-fantasy, supposedly self-controlled, as the path to total fulfillment through the "information" supposedly communicated through the dreams.

The more he immersed himself into a life of self-induced and supposedly self-controlled fantasy, the more he became openly psychotic, as seen by his friends,— and more pathologically suggestible at the same time.

Loughner's obsession with random numbers and his need to communicate only in syllogisms, point towards a schizophrenic simulation of computer "artificial intelligence" which bears more examination.

The testimony of Loughner's friend Bryce Tierney in "Mother Jones," along with other evidence, make clear Loughner's long obsession with Rep. Giffords. He filed a form letter she sent him in a safe, from 2007 until 2011. He several times recounted a public exchange he had once had with her, and periodically commented on her actions to his friends, as on his You-Tube site. It should be asked whether Loughner had a history of crushes on older women; the known facts certainly suggest it.

All these and other facts in the public record indicate that Jared Loughner had been pre-primed for an attack against Rep. Giffords; all that was lacking was the suggestion. Last fall at the latest, when Pima community college expelled him on psychiatric grounds, and required him to get a psychiatric clearance before he could return, he "entered the system," in the sense that his background was then available, through government psychiatric agencies, to the unknown controller who later planted the suggestion to assassinate Rep. Gifford.

Within hours of the shooting, the first coverage of major media, led by the Morgan-owned New York Times, blamed Sarah Palin for the killing because of her opposition to the Hitler-like Obama healthcare "reform." This had been coordinated in advance. Like the others who have been implicated as "lone assassins" in recent political killings, Loughner was a patsy in a much larger crime. This one aims for police-state measures against the opponents of Hitlerian euthanasia.