Candidate Dave Christie: End the “New Violence!" Dump Obama!
January 12, 2011 • 10:18PM

Within moments of the horrific events of Tuscon Arizona, it appeared that the British controlled press had a seemingly prefabricated package of lies intended to shut down all opposition to Obama’s revival of Hitler’s T-4 Euthanasia program that was set for review, and potential repeal. These media turncoats spewed their venom towards anyone who opposed Obama’s policy of genocide, claiming that those willing to fight on behalf of those most vulnerable of our citizens- the elderly and sick for now, the other classes of undesirables later- were somehow responsible for the shooting in Tuscon, carried out by the mentally ill Jared Loughner. While the press put the blame on Sarah Palin and the “Tea Party,” it was the British Imperial Reuters who identified their main enemy, the man who put the moustache where it belongs, Lyndon LaRouche. In his series of statements after the event, LaRouche said that Sarah Palin was right to fight against this euthanasia policy, and that those who had supported, and or voted for the bill, were on the wrong side morally; acknowledging that the Obama administration, in its bloodlust to get the T-4 killing underway, had undoubtedly put excruciating pressure on members of Congress, perhaps on Gifford herself.

Of the two crimes, Jared Loughner’s shooting spree, or the crime of using the heinous incident to shut down those who oppose genocide, such as Palin, LaRouche had said it was a toss- up as to which was worse.

As the facts of the matter come out, what becomes clear is that Jared Loughner was not only mentally ill, but had had a long history of being a “quasi-stalker” of Representative Gifford. His obsession with her went back to 2007- long before the mass strike phenomena, which was later referred to as the “Tea Party,” that arose out of the reaction to Obama’s euthanasia provision of Obama-care. We may never know if Loughner acted alone, or under the direction of individuals or agencies, but what we do know is that this type of violence, while unique in the particular details, is not unique to Loughner’s generation.

LaRouche has referred to this violence as the “New Violence,” which comes out of a generation raised on violent video games and mind numbing “social networking.” While many of these types of programming come from places like London’s Tavistock Clinic, specializing in herd behavior called “group dynamics,” or Bertrand Russell’s Cybernetics operation, what is perhaps more relevant is the attack on the human mind led by these organizations in our education system and beyond. This attack on the human mind, by the likes of Russell, seeks to reduce the human condition to a mere digital processor of external stimuli, seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, as elaborated by the British East India Company’s Adam Smith. By reducing our children to thinking in digital constructs, like computers or beasts, we are getting children that also act like that. This reduction of the human mind to bestiality is the ultimate source of despair, and loss of soul amongst our youth.

It is this soul-less despair of our youth which is in reality even more gut wrenching in its sadness than the events of Tuscon and that which followed. Think of Loughner and his generation. Think of their conception of national leadership. Since the age of 10, they have known nothing except Bush and Obama! They were born around the fall of the Berlin Wall, and could have known the boundless optimism that would have come with the economic development policies that Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga fought for then, but instead, only now know of the economic hell called “globalization.” Let us end this despair once and for all. Give our youth NAWAPA. Give them the opportunity to participate in something that is bigger than themselves, that lives beyond them, that gives them the opportunity to provide something for the children yet to be born. Rally them to join us in crushing the British Empire with Glass-Steagall. Get them out of their cyber-world where their friendships are based on drugs and violence, and get them to see the world in a new CCC, where friendships will be developed on building a future for their nation and their world. That is real optimism, the optimism that comes from working for something that is beyond your own existence, working for something that will ensure those children who will grow up in a culture of optimism and look beyond the boundaries of NAWAPA, and look instead beyond the boundaries of our solar system.

Join LaRouche and the slate of 6 LaRouche Democrats to lead the nation to restore our republic.

Dave Christie

Candidate for Washington State’s 9th congressional district