Texas State Senator Responds to Cuts: "Where Is the Outrage?"
February 5, 2011 • 10:42AM

As legislators in Texas began to take up the budget, faced with a demand from Bush League Gov. Rick Perry that they must cut around $28 billion to close the budget deficit, at least one Democratic State Senator raised a sharp objection against draconian cuts, which most seem resigned to implement as the "only choice." Houston Senator John Whitmire challenged a Committee hearing, demanding to know, in the face of such cuts, “Where is the outrage?”

"Everyone says this is critical," he continued, during testimony from the chief of the Department of Family Protective Services, who warned of the negative effects of the cuts, "but I'm waiting for someone to say that this situation is unacceptable."

Sen. Whitmire continued, saying "We're going to have to build an army. You're going to have to talk to your neighbors, families and employees," … "It's going to take hundreds and thousands and millions of Texans. … You've got to build an expression of concern we can't go ... just with the cuts."

A team of LYM organizers was in Austin this week, meeting with Senate offices to recruit legislators to fight for the U.S. Congress to adopt Glass Steagall, rather than passively accepting a budget which will kill many poor and elderly Texans.