LaRouche: It's Time to Throw Obama Out of Office in Order to Save the Nation
February 16, 2011 • 6:16PM

Lyndon LaRouche today slammed the Republican Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, for trying to cut the budget by ripping apart the state's contracts with public employees, and for threatening to call out the National Guard if protesting workers walk off the job or disrupt state services.

"Governor Walker should be thrown out of office if he insists on imposing these crazy policies," LaRouche stated. "But the perversity he is pushing in Wisconsin is a reflection which flows from Obama nationally—and those policies make Egypt's Mubarak look like a sainted angel in comparison. It is clear now, from the experience of more than two years, that the United States and Obama cannot live in the same political house. He is destroying the United States with his crazy British policies of bailing out the totally bankrupt international financial system, while savaging every aspect of the productive economy he can get his hands on. The U.S. will be destroyed if this is allowed to continue. The FDR-era Glass-Steagall legislation must be reenacted immediately, if the country is to survive."

"People should stop making excuses for fascist policies, whining that 'the President won't do it, so we have to put up with it.' There is no solution without Glass-Steagall; it's that simple. Those in government should either put through Glass-Steagall, or resign. And if the President won't give us Glass-Steagall, then we must replace him with someone who will."

"We can be good 'Egyptians' too, and get rid of him," LaRouche stated. "It's time to throw Obama out of office in order to save the nation."