February 19, 2011 • 2:42PM

Welcome to the NAWAPA BLOG.

On this discussion forum, engineers and scientists from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere, are discussing how best to implement the 1964 North American Water and Power Alliance design.

This implementation and design program is to serve as the cornerstone of a general economic recovery, and every aspect of that recovery is discussed here:

  • the Sawtooth Lift's unprecedented pumping system,
  • its own 26 GW nuclear requirement,
  • the implications for tunneling industries of 1000 miles of tunneling,
  • the best use of the NAWAPA water and power made available,
  • the team of industries needed for the job, and re-training of the labor force,
  • the scientific considerations of controlling climate, industrializing the arctic, and much more.

A summary pamphlet, text of the NAWAPA project, and 3D videos of the same, are available on the main NAWAPA page.

If you are a knowledgeable engineer or scientist with something relevant to add or comment on the designs and considerations found on this blog, then join the discussion! If you have a new discussion piece to present, email your concept to [email protected].

The proposals discussed on this forum will serve as the basis for an organization of the industries, labor force, and scientific planners of the United States and elsewhere to form a ready-to-implement document, and complete scientific driver program.

Once the Glass-Steagall banking standard is re-implemented, freeing the national and state governments from the burden of Wall Street speculation, a restored Hamiltonian credit system and national banking system, according to the Federal Constitution, can properly finance a full economic recovery. The NAWAPA program discussed here, representing the organized commitment and knowledge to create future wealth, will ensure the value and long term success of the new credit emitted under that re-organized US banking system.

Thank you for your participation,

Michael Kirsch
NAWAPA Plan Coordinator
LaRouche PAC

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