LaRouche: `They are Picking Qadaffi's Bones Already'
February 26, 2011 • 3:00AM

Lyndon LaRouche responded sharply today to calls for United Nations, NATO, or American military intervention in Libya, warning that ``The United Nations--especially with Susan Rice as the U.S. Ambassador--is not competent to deal with the Libya crisis. They will make a mess of it.''

``Besides,'' LaRouche explained, ``Qadaffi is already on the verge of a chain-reaction collapse. He is being deserted by everyone--even his friends Tony Blair and Prince Bandar see the handwriting on the wall. He has clearly gone totally mad, and the Libyan people are already picking his bones.''

Today, indeed, Qadaffi delivered his latest daily rant on national television, threatening to open up the weapons depots to arm the people. Much of the country has already been taken over by a surprisingly well-organized opposition. The entire eastern part of the country around Benghazi, where all the oil fields and refineries are located, is in the hands of the opposition, including elements of the Libyan Army that defected, and local tribal organizations, that make up the backbone of Libyan society.

After the Friday prayers, as thousands of protesters swarmed into the streets of Tripoli, they were once again greeted by foreign mercenary snipers and with heavy weapons fire from the units still loyal to Qadaffi (those units are actually headed by Qadaffi's sons and other blood relatives, for the most part). One senior U.S. intelligence source concurred with LaRouche's warnings about outside interference, noting that an outside intervention by the Europeans, NATO, or the UN, at this point, would probably split the opposition, and could lead to a prolonged post-Qadaffi civil strife. The source acknowledged that, whatever comes next in Libya, one thing is clear: Qadaffi and his sons will not be a part of it.

There were closed-door sessions on Friday of the UN Security Council, discussing a draft resolution by the British and the French to impose sanctions, and to refer Libya to the International Criminal Court for war crimes prosecution. Plans to include a no-fly zone were withdrawn from the draft, due to opposition from Russia and China. The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva moved to expel Libya today, and both Russia and China voted in favor of that action.