Security Nightmare Shaping Up for Obama's Rio Trip
March 16, 2011 • 11:40AM

Is someone setting President Barack Obama up for a hit during his two-day trip to Brazil this weekend? Assassination of Obama has been an option of the British Empire for some time, Lyndon LaRouche warned again today.

The U.S. Embassy in Brazil is putting out posters inviting the Brazilian public to attend an open-air address by President Obama in a plaza in central Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, March 20. The insane poster says: "President Barack Obama Speaks to the Brazilian People. Come welcome President Obama! Entrance is free." People must bring documents, just no purses and backpacks. And for those who don't speak English, the speech will be projected also onto TV screens placed strategically around the plaza, with Portuguese captioning. The expectation is that Obama can strut in front of a giant audience, as in Berlin (2008) and in Cairo (2009).

LaRouche characterized the whole plan as "suicidal" and utterly insane: no head of state would be safe in Brazil under such conditions today. Somebody wants to get rid of him, LaRouche said, and we know this has been a long-standing British option.

Even worse, there is also discussion that Obama, Michelle and their kids wish to go slumming, and may visit "Cidade de Deus," one of the Rio de Janeiro's God-foresaken favelas which are run by drug cartels. This one's drug-gang-run culture was made famous by the 2002 movie of the same name, and it was supposedly chosen because it is one of the few in Rio where police have now moved the drug gangs — but not the drug trade — off the streets, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, the CUT (labor federation), MST (the terrorist landless movement), UNE (national student union), and the "The Oil Must Be Ours!" movement, declared Obama "persona non grata" and called a meeting for this Wednesday to prepare a big demonstration against Obama for Rio this Sunday. "We say that Obama is persona non grata in Brazil, because as Latin Americans we know that U.S. policy towards Latin America hasn't changed at all" from the Bush years, the statement reads. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan continues; Pakistan is being bombed from Afghanistan; and now there is the threat of military invasion of Libya, they say. In their book, Obama is coming to grab Brazil's new deepwater oil fields, known as the pre-salt formation.