Earthquakes, the Sun, and Japan
March 18, 2011 • 3:23PM

LaRouchePAC emailed this letter on Mar 16; we include it here to enrich the scientific discussion.

For the latest discussion on this issue, please see the latest LaRouchePAC Weekly Report, with Lyndon LaRouche.

Dear Citizen,

LaRouchePAC has just released a video on its website, whose wide circulation is extremely urgent. "The Rim of Fire: A Discussion about the Relationship between Solar Flares and Earthquakes" demonstrates what is really at issue with the Japanese earthquake.

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Most of the international press today is freaking out about a possible "Japanese nuclear disaster." As LaRouche himself has said, this is all just evil propaganda issued from the foul organs of the British Empire, whose intent is the usual one - reduce the world's population to less than 2 billion people, quickly. The real lesson from the Japanese earthquake is just the opposite. It should be taken as a warning from our Universe, that we must put a renewed emphasis on scientific and technological advance, instead of tearing down the pillars of economic progress that we have built up.

Red-Green Auroras

Leading up to the production of our video, the Basement Team had been assembling a growing body of evidence that life on Earth is an integral part of the cosmic radiative environment making up our Solar System and our Milky Way galaxy. When the earthquake struck last Friday, I noted the simultaneous occurrence of the auroras viewed by the teachers and others amassed in Wisconsin's capitol, Madison, and others in the Basement noted the size of the solar flares that occurred earlier in the week. Since the last large solar flare on this years Valentine's Day was followed soon afterwards by a devastating earthquake in New Zealand, we were on the lookout for other responses from the biosphere.

Thus, we were very tuned in to such relationships, when disaster struck Japan. For the video, Natalie Lovegren and I decided to focus on not just the coincidence between timings of the flares and earthquakes, but also on what I thought was a clear link between earthquakes and electromagnetic events that happen near them. Over the years, many people have reported observing strange light and weather just before earthquakes, and the legendary ability of animals to seemingly forecast quakes is well-known. There have also been scientific measurements of ultra low-frequency, strong variations in the local magnetic field hours before an earthquake hits. Others have used weather satellites to observe increased infrared radiation coming from the location of an earthquake, both before and afterwards. The existence of earthquake electromagnetic phenomena has thus been demonstrated, while the actual mechanism still remains a mystery.

Solar Flares

This much was already known. But we went a step further. As had been shown in some of our recent videos, the development of life on Earth is not Darwinian, but is instead a result of the changing cosmic radiative environment of our Solar System. The size of the biosphere ebbs and flows around a 62 million year cycle, always rebounding from "mass extinction" events with organisms representing higher levels of anti-entropy. This 62 million year cycle also follows the oscillating path of our Solar System through the plane of the Milky Way galaxy. Now, it has been demonstrated that volcanic and seismic activity of the Earth's crust follows a cycle similar to this 62 million year cycle. Should it be a surprise, therefore, that there is a correlation between cycles of Solar and other cosmic radiation, with cycles of tectonic activity?

We think there must be such a correlation. Thus, the earthquake should not be blamed on Japan's nuclear power program, but on phenomena that we are woefully behind in understanding. As LaRouche says at the beginning of our video, we are now moving into the Rim of Fire, a hot period that will only get more intense as we head towards the solar maximum in 2013. Expect more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but also understand that, through this, the Universe is sending us a message. We have let ourselves become scientifically lazy under the onslaught of British Liberalism represented by the environmentalist dogma, for example and have been caught with our pants down in the face of this threat. All animal species will always be doomed to eventual extinction, but our species is the only one that can defeat that threat, through the application of artistic and scientific creativity to increasing our power over universal principles.

That means that we must remove Obama from office immediately and enact the Glass-Steagall legislation. Only with such immediate steps will we destroy the British Empire. Only through these measures, will we free ourselves to build the future we need now. Our immediate future requires both the construction of the North American Water and Power Alliance and the launch back into manned space exploration. For example, increasing our power to understand, survive, and perhaps even to control such natural forces as earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis requires the deep knowledge brought about by forcing constructive changes into our lithosphere with major water development and digging projects. It also requires the placement of observatories, both seismic and cosmic, on other bodies in our Solar System, like the Moon and Mars, to record a more detailed map of our changing radiative environment. We will continue to develop this picture in future videos.

Your leverage to make this future happen is LaRouchePAC. We deploy our videos as an army deploys its most advanced weaponry. We depend, solely, on the generosity of you, and our fellow supporters, in order to bring you the ideas the world so urgently needs. Therefore, I urge you to contribute immediately, and help spread the material on our website. Feel free to post links to "The Rim of Fire" on any blog or website spewing the Nazi-British propaganda line, and anywhere else you see fit. The widest, sudden circulation of this video is an immediate flanking blow to our enemy. This fight is your fight. Thank you.

Peter Martinson
LaRouche PAC "Basement" Team