Defend California!
March 22, 2011 • 11:09PM

LaRouchePAC emailed this letter on March 22; we include it here to enrich the scientific discussion.

Defend California!
New LaRouchePAC TV video: Earthquake Warning

Dear Citizen,

Did you know that the energy released during a magnitude 9 earthquake is about 13,000 times the energy that was released from the two nuclear bombs dropped during WWII? There is nothing that human beings have created thus far that equates to the forces that are now being unleashed in the Pacific Ring of Fire. We may soon even witness earthquakes that are magnitudes beyond our current capability of measurement.

So now is the time when we must take on these challenges as humanity, and begin to master these forces of nature-- or face the fate of other species and other civilizations that couldn't.

The LaRouchePAC Basement Research Team has been investigating the way in which cosmic radiation and long astronomical cycles effect us here on Earth, and the recent Japanese earthquake has emphasized the urgency of these investigations. We have published 3 video reports in the past week that discuss the relationship between earthquakes and these cosmic phenomena, which are of the utmost importance for catalyzing the organizing process that will be required to begin to solve these problems.

· The Rim of Fire: A Discussion about the Relationship between Solar Flares and Earthquakes
· LaRouchePAC Weekly Report - 3/16/2011
· Update on The Rim of Fire: Earthquake Warning

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In the wake of the Japanese earthquake, various forecasts for other earthquakes to strike the Pacific Rim of Fire emerged from the scientific community. Forecasts for imminent earthquakes in the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, and for the U.S. state of California are discussed in the Rim of Fire Update. Peter Martinson of the LaRouchePAC Basement Research Team elaborates some of the methodology used in making these forecasts, including the observation of microtremors, the behavior of animals (see Extended Sensorium report), and the affect of the Moon on the Earth during this past weekend’s “Super Moon.”

Since these reports were published, there has been an intensification of activity in the Ring of Fire.

Several hundred people were evacuated from villages in Indonesia, Saturday, as Mount Karangetang erupted, sending lava almost a mile down its slopes. This is one of only dozens of active volcanoes in the Indonesian archipelago. A series of 5-6 magnitude earthquakes shook the Philippines Sunday and Monday, although fortunately there was no reported damage. And, throughout their rescue and rehabilitation efforts, Japan has continued to be shaken, experiencing an earthquake above magnitude 6 of the coast of Honshu almost every day since the initial 9M earthquake on March 11th.

These events on Earth coincide with continued activity on our Sun.

NASA's heliophysics division reports a large sunspot emerging over the sun's SE limb, which appears to be the return of sunspot 1165, "apparently growing in size and restlessness." NASA and NOAA are monitoring it for possible flares and Coronal Mass Ejections, as well as keeping an eye on a coronal hole that could send solar wind to Earth in the next couple of days.

As has been discussed in recent LaRouchePAC videos, our Earth's neighborhood is anything but a quiet empty space between planets and stars. We live in a moving, changing, super-saturated dynamic sea of activity, and our planet and lives are highly affected by seemingly subtle showers of cosmic radiation from distant nebulae, and from our movement through the Milky Way over millions of years.

Stay tuned to for an upcoming video from the LaRouchePAC Basement Research Team which will elaborate the implications of the 62 million year cycle of the Earth's course through our galaxy.

We have the potential to master the most powerful forces of nature, and to employ them for the benefit of mankind, and the development of the creative universe. Will we rise to meet these scientific challenges, or will our civilizations soon disappear, and leave behind fading remnants for future generations to ponder, and wonder whether we had really existed, or were merely myth?

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Thank you,
Natalie Lovegren, LPACTV