British Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn Forecasts Earthquake Between March 23-27
March 24, 2011 • 11:36AM

On March 16, U.S. geologist Jim Berkland forecast a seismic window and potential for a massive quake on the Pacific West Coast between March 19th to March 26. Berkland, who successfully predicted the 1989 San Francisco Bay earthquake four days in advance, cited the fact that several natural phenomena, including the closest approach of the moon to the earth since 1992, plus a full moon coinciding with the equinoxal tide, as factors that could trigger a major quake in this time period. He also cited anomalous behavior on the part of fish on the Pacific West Coast in recent weeks.

Now Piers Corbyn, a British astrophysicist reports, "the world is now in one of its most extreme solar-lunar driven weather and earthquake/volcano events situations for at least 66 years and very likely twice that." Berkland suggests that in this top seismic window in years, the west coast of the United States is a high-risk area. Piers Corbyn is less specific on the location but believes the time of highest risk is in the five-day period of March 23-27.

According to Corbyn, it was the X Class solar flare of March 10, 2011, that caused a significant hit on the Earth by a coronal mass ejection, which was reported by NASA. He says this, in turn, triggered the massive Japan super quake (M=9.0) the following day.

Three massive earthquakes have struck one after the other, circling the Ring of Fire in the past year, says Berkland. If this clockwise trend continues, that places the Pacific NW next in line.

Corbyn says we are entering a "ladder of extremes as the special solar-lunar situation of early solar cycle 24 powers up."

Corbyn writes that the very active solar region which emerged from the SE limb of the sun on the morning of March 21st is crackling with dangerous activity, including extreme UV radiation and up to 50Mev proton bursts, and that its appearance along with other active regions on the sun "fits our long-range WARNING for significant weather extremes and earthquakes in the period around 23rd-27th March."

He cites the fact that a solar wind stream from a coronal hole will hit Earth March 23/24th; the newly reported activity on the Sun will lead to Earth hits following that.

"The recent extreme Earthquake events in the world were preceded by extreme events on the sun — specifically X-level solar flares and related proton bursts. It appears to us that it is always the case that extreme weather and earthquake events are preceded by extreme events on the sun, and historically proton events, which are usually associated with X flares, are an especially reliable warning of extreme weather, storm formation, and earthquake events. We have no forecast of specifically where the earthquake events are most likely, except to say that the Pacific 'ring of fire' is very vulnerable and new serious earthquake events in Japan and /or the West USA are very possible. Some other researchers [referring to Berkland] have also been making warnings of earthquake events around the present period. My main risk periods are a bit later than theirs because although lunar tidal effects (such as 'Supermoon' 19th March) are important, we find the solar hits are crucial determinants."

"The weather events are expected in two waves 23/24th and 26/27th and extreme earthquake events risk is significantly enhanced all through this period 23-27th but probably more enhanced later with high risk continuing a day or so after 27th."