Peruvian Geographer Points to Solar Activity as Cause of Earthquakes
March 25, 2011 • 1:10PM

On March 12, the day after the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, the Peruvian daily La Razon ran an article headlined "Solar Storms Are the Cause of the Phenomenon, According to Vilchez Lara," which reported on the views of Doctor in Geographic Sciences Luis Alberto Vilchez Lara, who is the president of the Antarctic Studies Institute in Peru and dean of the Department of Geographic Sciences of the Federico Villareal National University, as well as an Air Force professor.

The article says Vilchez called on the country's authorities to take note of the changes in the Earth's axis of rotation and magnetic field, after the Japanese events, as occurred after the prior one in Bio Bio, Chile. Vilchez, according to La Razon, said that "This earthquake is a consequence of an unusual phenomenon which is happening in the cosmos, and which is known only to international scientific elites, referring to solar storms which not only have altered worldwide weather on the Earth but are also producing other significant changes in the Earth's crust."