Humanity's Challenge
April 1, 2011 • 8:41AM

The following is an extended discussion of the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report.

Dear LaRouchePAC supporter,

If you could see this present moment in history "from above," what would you see?

Looking at the human species from a vantage point several hundred years in the future, and perhaps from a distance of several galaxies away, how would you describe our species' current plight? You would see a humanity challenged by a crisis much larger than most of its members are typically inclined to think. From above, you would have watched the development of the Milky Way Galaxy from whatever seed-form it was birthed, and the blossoming within it of innumerable stars, one of which was destined itself to give birth, late in the Galaxy's development, to the tiny planet Earth. In the short span of four billion years you would watch that planet rapidly develop, through a cyclical rise and fall of species, fluctuating perhaps with the rhythmic bob of that star's slight oscillating motion, almost imperceptible from your vantage point, in and out of the plane of that Galaxy. You'd see a fantastically intricate process of transformation as myriads of intertwined varieties of living matter rose and fell, sculpting the face of that planet with their activities, waste products, and ultimately their dying bodies, as they vanish wave after wave into the soils and gases which compose the Earth's constantly evolving crust and atmosphere.

Suddenly, midway through that star's sixty-fourth bob through the galactic disk, you would note the almost miraculous appearance of self-aware Man who, to you, from above, would seem to manifest that entire process, as if concentrated in millions, and then billions of tiny points. You would see an amazing acceleration of activity and development on the surface of that tiny planet, punctuated by the rise and fall of civilizations, as mankind engaged in a struggle for recognition of its nature as the first being in that universe with the capability to look up... and you would see in this present moment in history a humanity first buffeted by the processes responsible for laying waste to so many lesser species -- processes which built the mountains and soils and breathable air from their scattered remains. You would see a humanity challenged to understand -- and control -- the massive processes which, acting on a galactic scale, gave rise to the periodic flickering of that Sun, and which with their slightest motion brought forth volcanoes and tremors capable of crushing whole cities and civilizations. You would hear the arguments of an insanely narcissistic President, run by interests who insisted that mankind behave in this crisis -- and go extinct -- like all the many other animal species which preceded Man. But would you see humanity survive this challenge? Or would you see another civilization crushed, and not rise to this present challenge again for another 62 million years?

This is the perspective from which we ought to view the current policy battle. The removal of Obama is not simply a "political" question; it is a question of the continued survival of the human race. We have made our first tentative steps off this planet, away from our animal-like forebears, and towards our true, extraterrestrial destiny with Kennedy's Apollo program... only to see ourselves collapse inward again into the bestial behaviors of empire, globalization, and free trade after his assassination. Are we in a position to recover from the last several, disastrous decades? Or will we rather watch as Obama and his controllers shut down what little remains of our presence off Earth's surface, leaving ourselves to suffer blindly in the face of the as-yet little understood processes which have recently wrought so much destruction in Japan, and which threaten even worse within the United States in the coming months?

The necessary measures to avoid this disaster are contained in this discussion with Lyndon LaRouche from yesterday.

Those who wish to see humanity survive, contribute your mind and money to this fight, today. Contribute to LaRouchePAC, now. If you have already contributed to LaRouchePAC, contact your local representative and find out how else you can help to organize to ensure humanity’s future. Your grandchildren will thank you.

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