Obama’s Criminal Negligence Demands His Removal
April 1, 2011 • 7:43PM

LaRouche Democrats National Statement

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Ample evidence compiled by LaRouche PAC indicates that Barack Obama's anti-NASA and anti-science policy is indeed criminal negligence which could potentially result in the extinction of the entire human species, warranting his removal from office under the authority of the 25th amendment of the US Constitution.

Removing crucial monitoring systems, in tandem with gutting our logistical capability to respond to emergency situations, guarantees US citizens will die-- Obama isn't signing a budget, he is signing death certificates.

This is not a budgetary matter. This is negligence in the face of crises we know will happen. Human civilization is now entering the northern region of our Milky Way's Galactic disk. It is in this area that the most significant extinctions of life have occurred on our planet. In each of these cases, the loss of entire families of organisms was accompanied, and perhaps generated, by intensifications of seismic, volcanic and other tectonic activity. Human beings have never traveled through this region of our galaxy, but are the only species that has ever existed that can understand and overcome the causes and threat of extinction.

Is the USA Next?

The human species is meant to extend far beyond the confines of our planet. Our “sensory organs” are more than just our eyes, ears, etc. We have a system which allows us to perceive processes which were otherwise invisible, and understand threats which were otherwise incomprehensible. Rather than expanding this extended sensorium, Obama's policy continues to be both an assault on even our limited current capabilities (such as the GOES satellite system) as well as an elimination of crucial programs planned for the near future. Obama's recent elimination of the DESDynI satellite system makes a clear case. This satellite was designed to provide some of the most advanced measurements of ground movement and tectonic stress, detecting movements on the scale of millimeters, which could be crucial for identifying and studying earthquake prone areas.

This policy is not meant to save money. It is meant to kill people. It is an explicitly anti-human policy, meant to reduce humans to nothing more than another animal confined to the face of the planet, buffeted by unknowable forces, and ultimately doomed to extinction -- like every other animal. Obama's disgusting inaction regarding the 2010 crisis in Haiti, is indicative of his inability to have a moral reaction to the suffering of fellow human beings, typical of a Nero complex. Obama's past and current activity demonstrates his effective support for the stated intention of the British monarchy: to induce a genocidal reduction of the world population on the order of billions-- as Obama's own choice for “science” adviser, John Holdren, has publicly advocated such population reduction in the past. Taking this criminal negligence further, Obama's plans to slash the budget of the US Army Corps of Engineers by $900 million, and make crippling cuts to related emergency response programs, will drastically reduce the ability of the United States to respond to any major natural disaster. The intent of all of this, is to reduce the human species to the status of mere animals, destined to be periodically culled by deadly events beyond their comprehension.

In reality, however, unlike animals and contrary to the opinion of Obama’s Holdren, the human mind is capable of understanding these processes, and potentially controlling them:

  • Haiti: After the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th, 2010, scientists looking back at the data confirmed that for up to 30 days prior, the French DEMETER satellite detected anomalous increases in ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic waves above the future epicenter, peaking at 360% higher than normal background levels. The death toll has been estimated to be in the range of 250,000 people.
  • Indonesia: Findings from post-hoc analysis showed that starting 5 days before the magnitude 9.3 earthquake (and associated tsunami) which struck on December 26, 2004, data from Global Positioning System satellites exhibited evidence of an anomalous decrease in electron content, signifying some form of precursor activity around the future epicenter. Around 230,000 people are estimated to have died.
  • Japan: Unpublished reports from experts performing retrospective preliminary analysis on data from the Japanese earthquake, show, beginning as early as March 8th, three days before the quake, anomalous electromagnetic activity above the future epicenter was detectable.

And we should know even more. We are behind in achieving mankind’s extraterrestrial imperative -- the only way we could ever be in a position to understand the threat which currently faces us. The processes which are threatening us here on Earth have an origin on the scale of our Galaxy. How can we expect to overcome them while confined to the surface of this single planet?

In the face of such potential, coinciding with the potential for terrible disaster, these long term investments become more clearly a matter of human evolution or extinction. It should be clear from all of this that Obama must be removed immediately.