A current strategic outlook for LPAC:


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 3, 2011

Since the U.S. bi-annual elections of Nov. 2, 2010, the very meaning of the word “election” should now be changed in a profound and far-reaching way. The only worth-while issues of policy-shaping are not merely crucial; they represent, implicitly, global, existential and strategic changes in standpoint of reference, rather than some mere aggregation of a merely national or local set of campaigns. The nature of those urgently needed changes is the subject of this LPAC policy statement.

Remember this: that the key to uncovering a person’s weakness, is often expressed best by promoting his, or her desire to show what that person is most susceptible to believing, are the best showing of his, or her imagined achievements. Take the case of President Obama, for example. Wiser citizens will avoid taking anything initially for what it seems to represent; beware of believing in that which you think that you desire, even what you desire the most; you might get it!

Had you, for example, desired the election of Barack Obama? Poor fellow! Very much poorer!

LPAC’s Role in Arrays of Local Elections and Beyond:

The most crucial of the present indicators of the need to adapt to recent sharp and deep-going changes in the policy-making outlook of the United States, or of the individual citizen, must be, as the Preamble of our Federal Constitution prescribes this, a pronounced increase in emphasis on national election-campaigns as subsuming the intention of local, or, regional campaigning. That means that a corresponding quality of change in what must be considered as the prudent citizen’s standard of accomplishment and performance of those local and national election-campaigns which must be envisaged for the remainder of the present year and beyond. That means that local conditions are to be met by means of principles which provide the benefits for each part of the nation, as to be defined, not by what they appear to be, but rather by the too easily overlooked implications of the constitutional form of national mission for both our nation and the world as a whole.

The crisis conditions created by the results of the elections of November 2, 2010 have produced a new form and degree of national crisis. It has now become necessary to correct our present design of the orientation to be provided through the six-candidate vehicle as the guide to the appropriate aims and methods used for the state elections in such a manner and degree as to reflect the effects of those vast, and, in some respects, even monstrous changes in the quality of current government, the state of the economy as a whole, and for the kindred conditions which are to be recognized as the effect of the addition of a disastrous November 2, 2010 election to what had been the already catastrophic effects caused by the mere fact of the continuation of President Barack Obama in office. Nothing will be, or ever could be the same during this coming election period 2011-2012 as for the campaigns of 2010, either for better, one hopes, or, for worse; almost nothing seen currently will be a certainty for the future.

There are, principally, three leading factors to be considered in this adjustment of LPAC policy to the presently changing patterns among the most relevant issues posed to the LPAC campaigns, during this present and oncoming dates.

First, is the fact that the most crucial physical issue confronting both the U.S.A. and the world, is the recent outbreak of what will be a continually ongoing wave of global major earthquakes of intensities reaching beyond those of memorable earlier times. It has been demonstrated as scientific fact, that these major earthquakes are inherently foreseeable, usually in time to save human lives by moving people in danger into relative safety.

Those who suggest that major earthquakes are not foreseeable, are either incompetent, or extremely disgusting persons, and either fools or liars. The primary issues posed by the rising pattern of earthquakes and kindred conditions, are, therefore, neither local, national, or continental; they are inherently global, or even much wider in range. It is those primary issues, so defined, which must steer thinking, at every level of society, in each locality, always as if from above.

This aspect of the crisis which broke to the surface with the earthquakes of 2011 thus far in the “Rim of Fire,” has changed all competent choices of agendas for 2011-2012 and beyond.

Second, is the political fact, that the present world economic crisis has the essential characteristics of a combined general financial, monetary, and physical-economic, breakdown crisis of the present political and economic systems. This means, unless certain forecasting methods and other measures are taken into account, a presently worsening pattern of ungovernability of more and more of the nations living under the conditions facing the present system of government of the world at large.

Those in official or professional positions who deny that earthquakes are foreseeable, are liars, or worse. The lies propagated through the mouth of President Barack Obama and his sympathizers are typical.

Third, there is the presently accelerated pattern of early trends toward deep-rooted political-economic failures, even the evidence pointing to the early appearance of a state of existential ungovernability of the nations located in the trans-Atlantic regions. This includes the case of the United States under the reign of both its current President and the patterns of behavior of the U.S. Congress. We are caught in a domain of reality in which there are no more so-called “practical,” or “conventional” political remedies; only radical measures modeled on the precedent of President Franklin Roosevelt’s economic recovery, are competent.

These three stated, foregoing points of crisis, have changed virtually everything in a way which leaves very little of what resembled, for many, the real-life challenges to our republic and its states during the past two-plus years of the election-cycle.

In considering those three challenges, we must add to the problems created for nations and their populations, those actually existential problems created by the fraudulent campaigns for what have been the inherently mass-murderous, pro-oligarchical, inherently fraudulent schemes such as windmills and solar collectors, when the choice should have been for those high-energy-flux-density modes of power on which the continued existence of our planet’s conditions of life now urgently depends.

For example: take the case of what you may have considered to be the preferred candidate for election, or the preferred element of policy, back then, at the beginning of the preceding election. How can you do expect to do better in the next election or current issue of policy, than you did in selecting members of Congress and elected state officials during the last round? If you were a typical voter, why not consider your own terrible record as a usual voter, before considering your next choice of preference for a candidate, or, an existing political office-holder? Be sure to rethink your past behavior in elections, before believing in your own manifestly accident-prone opinions all too quickly for your own, or the nation’s good.

“Environmentalism” Is a Fraud

What is called “environmentalism” these days, is one of the worst, actually most evil frauds running rampant in the trans-Atlantic regions of the world today.

The known history of the human species attests to the urgency of increasing what is called the “energy-flux density” of investments in the power, per capita and per square kilometer of territory for public works and the power, per capita, for technological progress and per-capita power for public works and production of goods and services. Any contrary policy is designed to increase death-rates and drive populations ever deeper into murderous poverty and despair. Progress and humanitarianism, alike, mean increasing the power per capita and per square kilometer of territory, through emphasis on what is called higher energy-flux densities of power applied to the human environment and the processes of production of useful goods and services.

Waves of Earthquakes!

Not only our planet, but the Solar system has recently entered a period of earthquakes and related phenomena which is forecast to be worse than any experienced in recent times. The level of scientific capability available to us today, if that capability is used and developed further, does not yet provide us the means to prevent major earthquakes and related kind of disasters; but, we have within our reach the improvable capability of “predicting” such earthquakes and related forms of disasters; this ability to predict major earthquakes gives us capabilities for moving large segments of populations out of an immediate harm’s way. Those who deny the predictability of such earthquakes are either simply fools or malicious liars.

The policy of the United States, for example, must be to use those means which, by their nature, afford us the ability to predict earthquakes, while we are seeking to develop means for attempted control of a significant number of major earthquakes. Any political figure who denies the essential predictability of major earthquakes belongs in a category similar to those touts who told you that the “bail out” was good for our economy.

Unfortunately, today, the worst threat to civilization comes from those who call themselves “environmentalists.” The reality is, as the history of all periods of progress in the U.S. economy shows, that to maintain a current standard of living of our population in general, requires a constant drive to achieve more advanced applications of science to mankind’s productive activities, and to the creation of the conditions for community and family life. This means constantly new leaps forward in scientific and technological progress, as past periods of progress in the conditions of life in our society have demonstrated this consistently.

Remember this:

Since the earliest known history of society on Earth, the experience of various societies should have warned each among you, that the imperial systems of the past have demanded that the great majority of society not be “too plentiful,” “too knowledgeable,” “too productive,” and “too un-brutish” for the tastes of an oligarchical class of predators known as a “ruling class.” This depravity is not merely something from a brutish past of mankind generally; it is “Wall Street,” “the City of London,” and the left-overs of a feudal aristocracy, such as the British monarchy which specializes in the killing of Africans still today.

Wherever you hear the voice of a so-called “environmentalist,” you are hearing the bleatings of a creature who intends to do you no good. Wall Street’s existence is no longer necessary. Bankrupt them, while we return our nation to the anti-Wall Street principles of our republic’s founders.